Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Retrogression Analysis

|| Om Gurave Namah ||

Dear Guruji and Jyotishas,
 I tried to see how often does a graha get retrograde. I tried an everyday position for 60 years (21914 days) period. Here is a summary.

You can note that Venus is lowest, with only 7.3% times being retrograde and Saturn is retrograde most often times at 36.36% times.
The order is of how often a graha gets retrograde is not in any particular order in when seen as a whole. But, The outer planets are increasing order and inner are in decreasing order.

Warm Regards
Sanjay P

NOTE: If any one is interested to verify the data, It can be provided on reques or the method to generate it.

Graha Venus          Mars           Mercury        Jupiter        Saturn        
Retrograde Days 1600 2081 4188 6641 7971
Total Days 21914 21914 21914 21914 21914
Percentage 7.301269 9.496212 19.11107 30.30483 36.37401

The following command was executed using the swiss ephemeris command line test program
swete32.exe -b1.1.2007 -n21914 -p2 -g, -fPYls >Mercury_Speeds.CSV
The above was redirected to a CSV file.
The -p2 was done for values from 2 to 6 i.e Merc to Saturn.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Phases of good and bad predictions

By PVR Narasimha Rao

Namaste friends,
I mentioned a while ago that an astrologer may experience phases of good and bad predictions. D-27 (nakshatramsa) is the chart of strengths and weaknesses as per Parasara. I said that the 2nd and 5th in D-27 show vaag bala (power of speech) and intuition. I said that we can treat the dasa rasi as per D-27 Narayana dasa as lagna and do this analysis for various periods in one's life. I will give an example - myself.
Because the principles we use have some truth in it, we have successes even in the worst dasas. Because the principles we use help only to some extent and a guess has to be made finally, our successes depend on our luck also. And our luck depends on our dasas. So we don't have the same amount of successes always.
* * *
Birthdata: April 4, 1970, 5:50 pm (IST), 81e12, 16n15.
My D-27:
Ar - Mars; Ta - Saturn; Ge - Mercury & Jupiter; Cn - Sun & Ketu; Le - Lagna; Sc - Moon & Venus; Cp - Rahu. (Lagna in rasi chart: Vi.)
Event data:
(1) 1998-99: I did not make many public predictions. I made just one prediction in print and it was a disaster. I predicted very very confidently that Clinton would be impeached. I was wrong. I was confident, but wrong this year.
(2) 1999: I wasn't feeling confident like last year, but I made some predictions in a magazine. Not all were right, but some were very correct. I wrote in print that India might have an unpleasant confrontation after May 18 (air strikes on Pakistani infiltrators were from May 25), that India would take a bold stand ("no talks until infiltrators leave") and that the world would support India's bold stand (even US did!). I also wrote that Russia would get into trouble after the eclipse and that Russia might get involved in an armed conflict.
Let us see how this fits with my D-27 Narayana dasa.
* * *
If you have trouble with calculations, please refer to the archives for Narayana dasa lessons.
Because 27 modulo 12 is 3, look at the 3rd lord in my rasi chart. It is Mars. Mars is in Ar in D-27. Ar is stronger than Li. So start dasas from Ar. Ar dasa is 1970-1982. Ta dasa is 1982-1998 (Venus is in Sc). Ge dasa is 1988-2000. Antardasas in Ge dasa go as Ge, Cn, Le, Vi etc.
I ran Ar antardasa during Apr 1998-Apr 1999. I ran Ta antardasa during Apr 1999-Apr 2000. Let us analyze both now. In each antardasa, take the antardasa sign as lagna and analyze the chart.
* * *
(1) Ar antardasa: The 2nd from Ar is occupied in natal D-27 by Saturn. This is not good for vaag bala. Saturn in 2nd weakens vaag bala (power of speech).
The 5th house from Ar shows the power of intuition in Ar dasa. The 5th from Ar is Leo. It is empty and it is aspected by Mars and Rahu. Neither Mars nor Rahu promises good intuition. Rahu in fact misleads.
However, arudha of Venus is in Leo! Watery benefic Venus gives smooth intuition in 5th. Arudha of Venus in 5th doesn't do that in reality, but the native will feel that way. So I was very comfortable with my intuition then and felt it was working smoothly.
(2) Ta antardasa: The 2nd from Ta is Gemini. Mercury and Jupiter occupy it!! So Ta antardasa can be reasonably good for me even in a bad mahadasa. Mercury and Jupiter in 2nd suggest good vaag bala. The 5th house from there is Virgo. It has no planets and the same duo aspects it ffrom Ge. Ethery Jupiter gives good intuition, while earthy Mercury gives clarity and focus.
However, arudhas of Sun, Saturn and Jupiter occupy Virgo. Sun and Saturn in 5th is not good. Saturn in 5th gives hesitating and lazy intuition. But Jupiter there gives good intuition after some Saturnine hesitation. So I feel less confident when making predictions in print this year. Despite some creditable successes this year, I don't feel too confident when I look at charts this year.
* * *
I hope some ideas presented here will provoke thoughts.
Points to consider:
(1) Astrologer's chart also matters, especially when the principles used are weak.
(2) Nakshatramsa is important for that. D-24 shows knowledge, but it is D-27 that shows whether one's intuition is powerful and whether one's vaak (speech) is powerful.
(3) Narayana dasa is an excellent phalita dasa and Narayana dasa of D-27 can be used to time phases of good and bad predictions.
(4) An astrologer may feel diffident, but make good predictions. He may feel confident and make stupid predictions. How one feels is an illusion and that illusion can be different from the reality. Arudha padas of planets help in understanding the native's illusions/perceptions. And, arudha lagna helps in understanding the illusions/perceptions of the world about the native.
* * *
As Satish pointed out, today's astrologers mix up many techniques because their precise uses are lost to us. We have to understand the precise uses of varous tools, before astrology is accepted as a valid subject. We have a herculean task in front of us.
If we keep faith in Parasara and strive to understand him correctly, I am confident that we will have an astrology department in many universities oneday.
May Jupiter's light shine on us,