Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Panchanga Karana

|| Om Gurave Namah ||
Dear Readers,

Today, I tried to get my Land Title from the Tamilnadu Registration dept, I am running around to get my title for many weeks. This week they again said that it would take another week (since last one month) to get the papers. I tried to look up at the karana today, It was Vishti Karana !, No wonder my task failed (One more reason for them to :)).

Let me give you synopsis of 11 (7+4) karanas (Pasted Below). I usually try to do my land related activities on tuesdays (It's my 4th lord for simha lagna). But Today I had the tuesday fell on a bad karana and Also the Nakshatra was Rohini which is my Janma Nakshatra (I am Rohini born). Normally it's not advised to do auspicious activities on odd nakshatras from you birth nakshatra.

If your have a native born on Vishti (Bhadra) Karana look at the houses lorded by Saturn (Saturn is the ruler of this Karana). You may find that the house significance ruled by Aquarius and Capricorn would be delay or damaged, This can mostly happen due to profession also.
Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra gives remedies for natives born on Bhadra (Vishti) Karana. If the Vishti karana is damaging the longevity the do Mrityunjaya Japam. Since Mercury is the general kaaraka for all profession and work, It's best do Vishnu Japam, A simple "Om Vishnave Namah" can be recited 108 times regularly.

As with all yogas, This nitya yoga, also has some caveats. Depending on the moon position the Birth or muhurtha on Vishti (Bhadra) Karana can have some good results too. Bhadra's position is reckoned based on the position of the moon.
If moon is in,
Mesha/Aries, Vrishaba/Taurus, Karka/Cancer, Makar/Capricorn : Then Bhadra is in Heavens. Auspicious Results

In Mithuna/Gemini, Kanya/Virgo, Tula/Libra, Dhanush/Saggittarius : Then Bhadra is in Nether Worlds, Acquisition of Wealth.

In Simha/Leo, Vrishchik/Scorpio, Kumbha/Aquarius, Meena/Pisces : Then Bhadra is in on Earth. Results Utter Ruination

Names Alternate Names Yoni Diety (Bharadhvaaja) Diety (Varahamihira) Nakshtra Correspondence Work Nature Graha Ruler
Lion Vishnu Indra Jyeshta Brahmins
Tiger Prajapati Brahma Rohini

Boar Moon Mitra Anuradha

Donkey Jupiter Aryama U. Phalguni Politics/Courts/Ornaments
Gara Garaja Elephant Vasus Bhu Dhanishta? Household/Agriculture
Vanik Vanija Cow Manibhadra Shri Shravana Trade/Commerce
Vishti Bhadra Dog Yama Yama Bharani
Extremely Malefic Avoid it! Saturn
Kali Ashlesha

Vrishna Rohini Cruel,Forcible,Hateful
4th lord
Phani Ashlesha

7th Lord
Kimstughna Cock Maaruta Swati 10th Lord
Reference:Fundamentals of Astrology By M. Ramakrishna Bhat

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