Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Friday, August 31, 2007

ग्रह अवस्था : Graha Avastha

ॐ गुरवे नामः
Dear Friends,
I had been thinking about Graha Avastha's and wanted share them with you. Here are some of my thoughts.

The state of a graha indicates nature of fructification of karma. The graha’s results are felt during their dasas. The grahas avastha or state indicates many things,
1) How soon the graha will give the indicated results.
2) The guna or nature of the graha while giving the results.
3) The good fortune indicated by the graham
4) The weaknesses of the graha.
5) The activity interested by the graha.

Maharishi Paraashara has indicated five types of avathas (ref: Ch 45:BPHS). They are

  1. Baalaadi Avastha : 5 types based on five parts of odd or even sign.
  2. Jagrutaadi Avastha : 3 types depending on it’s graha’s Natural relationship to dispositor (friend, neutral or enemy)
  3. Deeptaadi Avastha : 9 types based on graha’s Chart specific relationship to dispositor.
  4. Lajjitaadi Avastha : 6 types based on conjunctions with malefics etc.
  5. Shayanaadhi Avastha : 12 types of activities calculated by Nakshatre * Graha * Navamsha + JanmaNax + Ghatika + Lagna

1) Baalaadi Avastha

kramAd.h bAlaH kumAro.atha yuvA vR^iddhastathA mR^itaH BPHS 45.3

They are of five types namely,

  1. Baala : Child
  2. Kumaara : Teen
  3. Yuva : Youth /Adult
  4. Vriddha : Oldage
  5. Mrita : Late

The sign is divided in 5 parts and they rule each part in sequence for odd signs and results are reverse for even signs.
These indicates “when” the graha will give the results. The baala avatha graha will give results too early and mrita avastha graha can give results too late during the dasa.

2) Jaagrutaadi Avastha

Natural relationship of graha determines this avastha. A graha can be in a friendly house or neutral or enemies house. There are three types of relationships and hence there are three types of this avastha,

jAgratsvapnasushhuptyAkhyA avasthA nAmadR^ik.hphalAH 5

  1. Jaagrut / Awake
  2. Swapna / Dreaming
  3. Sushupta / Sleeping

These indicate three states of nature like Satwic (Fully conscience), Rajasic or passionate (Partially conscious of deeds) or sushupta (deep sleep, not conscious of what it’s doing).

3) Deeptaadi Avastha
This is based on the individual relationships of graha for a particular chart. i.e temporal relationships. Based on position of grahas in the chart. Due to specific positioning the chart may get better results. These of nine types indicating the bhaagya,

dIptaH svasthaH pramuditaH shAnto dIno.atha duHkhitaH
vikalashcha khalaH ko.apItyavasthA navadhA.aparAH 45.7

  1. Deepta
  2. Swastha
  3. Pramudita
  4. Shaanta
  5. Deena
  6. Vikala
  7. Dukhita
  8. Khal
  9. Kop

This avastha indicates the goodness or bhaagya got from the graham. 1-4 is good, 5 is middling and 6-9 indicates lesser amounts of fortune in sequence. This avastha will indicate the resources available of a graha to do it’s task.

4) Lajjitaadi Avastha

A graha has weaknesses and enemies these are of shad ripu (the six enemies). These are indicated by variously as,

lajjito garvitashchaiva xudhitastR^ishhitastathA
muditaH xobhitashchaiva grahabhAvAH prakIrtitAH 11

  1. Lajjit : Embarrased

    putragehagataH kheTo rAhuketuyuto.athavA
    ravimandakujairyukto lajjito graha uchyate 12

    Placed in Putr Bhava, if a Grah is associated with Rahu, or Ketu, or with Sürya, Çani, or Maìgal, it is in Lajjit Avastha

  2. Garvit : Haughty

    tuN^gasthAnagato vA.api trikoNe.api bhavetpunaH
    garvitaH so.api gadito nirvishaMkaM dvijottama 13

    If a Grah is in exaltation, or in Mooltrikon, it is Garvit (Aspected by malefics)

  3. Kshudhit : Hungered

    shatrugehI shatruyukto ripudR^ishhTo bhavedyadi

    xudhitaH sa cha viGYeyaH shaniyukto yathA tathA 14

    If a Grah is in an enemys Räçi, or yuti with an enemy, or receives a Drishti from an enemy, or even, if a Grah is yuti with Çani, the Avastha is Kshudhit

  4. Trushit : Thirsty

    jalarAshau sthitaH kheTaH shatruNA chA.avalokitaH
    shubhagrahA na pashyanti tR^ishhitaH sa udAhR^itaH 15

    If a Grah is in a watery Räçi and receives a Drishti from a malefic, but does not receive a Drishti from a benefic, the Avastha is called Trushit

  5. Mudit : Complacent

    mitragehI mitrayukto mitreNa cha vilokitaH
    guruNA sahito yashcha muditaH sa prakIrtitaH 16

    If a Grah is in a friendly Räçi, or is yuti with, or receives a Drishti from a benefic, or is yuti with Guru, it is said to be in Mudit Avastha. (And it becomes complacent it it's aspected by Saturn)

  6. Kshobhit : Trembling (Out of fear of authority)

    raviNA sahito yashcha pApA pashyanti sarvathA
    xobhitaM taM vijAnIyAchchhatruNA yadi vIxitaH 17

    If a Grah is yuti with Sürya and receives a Drishti from, or is yuti with a malefic, or receives a Drishti from an enemy, it is said to be in Kshobhit

yeshhu yeshhu cha bhAveshhu grahAstishhThanti sarvathA
xudhitaH xobhito vApi tad.hbhAvaphalanAshanaH 18

The xuditah (Hungered) and xobhita (frightened) are the worst of these avasthas.

5) Shaayanaadi Avastha
There are 12 forms of activities indicated by the twelve bhaavas, This is found using the formula
Nakshatra * Graha * Navamsha + JanmaNax + Ghatika + Lagna

Nakshatra : is the nakshatra number where graha is sitting
Graha: is indicated by the graha number sun =1…sat=7, rahu=8 and ketu = 9
Navamsha: the navamsha number of the graha in given rashi, eg if in 0 to3.33 deg then 1
Janma Nax: Moon nakshatra
Ghatika: the ghatika number counted from sunrise
Lagna : Lagna number 1=aries etc

  1. Shayan
  2. Upavesan
  3. Netrapani
  4. Prakash
  5. Gaman
  6. Agaman
  7. Sabha
  8. Agam
  9. Bhojan
  10. Nritya Lipsa
  11. Kautuk
  12. Nidr

The details of calculating this can be read from the Narasimhaji’s article. A copy which is in

Warm Regards
Sanjay P

NOTE: A detailed article will follow in Jyotish Digest.


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subhash said...

I would like to know for every planet or graha which awastha is the best. i.e. for Guru whether balya (child) is good or yuva or vriddha? same for mangala shukra et al.

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