Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Divisional Understanding

Divisional Understanding.

Sanjay Prabhakaran: Clip from future article in Jyotish Digest.

राज्ये नीचः

raajye niichaH

ra=2, ya = 1 , 12

Navamsa lagna in 12th from the Rashi lagna, The person is vile or morally low.

धर्मे मोक्षः

dharme mokshaH

dha = 9 ma = 5, 59 -> 11

Navamsa lagna in 11th from Rashi lagna the person works towards moksha.

धान्ये पापि

dhaanye paapi

dha = 9, ya 1, 19 -> 7

Navamsa lagna in 7th from Raashi lagna the person gathers much sin.

धने कामि

dhane kaami

dha = 9 , ne = 0 , 9

The navamsa lagna in 9th from the raashi lagna the person is very passionate.

These four sutras can be taken as cues to understand the divisional to Raashi comparison.

Pt. Sanjay Rath explains these shlokas in his commentary of Jaimini Sutram. The principle being that the navamsa lagna is akin to the temporary 9th house, Since this chart is like activities the person faces in the field of dharma. If we take the lagna in navamsa to be temporary 9th house then the lagna would be in 5th house. Hence the 5th house in navamsa would indicate where the intellect (lagna lord) of the person would be working. Now in any chart the strongest Kendra is the 10th house. This shows the success and karma of the chart. The 10th from 5th is 2nd, Hence the 2nd house is what the individual endeavors to succeed in the Navamsa chart.

As another example in D2 chart the D2-Lagna will be like 2nd house. Hence, the temporary lagna would be in 12th house, The Karma would be 10th from 12th which is 9th house.

Lets try to understand the meaning of this temporary lagna and Karma in Navamsa divisional,

5th house is temporary lagna Means-> Intellect works towards Children (the basis of marriage), Intelligence, The 5th house in navamsa greatly influences the person's intelligence.

2nd House, What the person wants to succeed in the divisional-> In D9 the person tried to succeed in Family. The prime focus of marriage (D9) is to establish family. Malefic in 2nd divisional may damage the person's family.

Let me put this in tabular form,


Temporary Lagna

Meaning of temporary lagna indicating prime intellectual focus.

Main karma or success

Meaning of divisional karma or what the person whishes to succeed in.

D9-Dharma & marriage

5th house

Children and intelligence

2nd house

Family and savings.


12th House


9th house

Works towards fortune

D3-Siblings or Parakrama

11th house

Focuses on income, since in D3 chart it would be physical income. Hence increase in strength

8th house

8th house focuses more on weakness.

D4-Fixed properties

10th house

Focuses on ruling ,by getting more land and property since it's D4)

7th house

Indicates that the person works towards enjoyments.


7th house lagna

Shows that the person is seeking partners

4th house

4th house is paataala, It's told in purana's that children prevent one falling in hell and uplifts the pitris to heaven by tarpana. Hence the karma is towards removal from paataala. Putra pu+tra =putra. Where pu refers to a type of hell


4th house

Home and happiness. Nature of the individual is to get more fruits by less karma. The intellect in this divisional always focuses on sitting at home

1st house (lagna)

Power, position and self well being. The person wants to get the maximum to self in form of power and position (lagna)


2nd house

Family, The focus of this divisional chart is family. As it was created by your parents. The person's intellect in this chart always focuses on family as created by parents

11th house

Gains, Always tries to count what one got from parents.

D16-Vehicles and such amenities

10th house

Swarga, The person wants to enjoy like in heavens

7th house

Kaama, The person tries to get as much desire fulfilled as possible.


6th house

The person is forced to think about all his shadripu, enemies and weakness

3rd house

Upadesa, 3rd house is upadesa. The person tries to seek blessings and good words from gurus to remove the sins.


2nd house

Speech or expression of knowledge. The person focuses on expressing his knowledge or implementing what one learns. The 4th is taken a prime house for learning, 11th is digestion of learning and 2nd is expression or using the knowledge.


Gains or digestion of knowledge. The person's implementation of knowledge very much depends on how much he has digested the knowledge.


8th house

In this divisional the person is always thinking about the weakness (rundra) and all the sins.

5th house

The person tries to get a good intelligence, The success in this chart depends on mantra (5th bhaava)

© Sanjay Prabhakaran

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