Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pancha Pakshi reference

|| Om gurave Namah ||
Dear Friends,

Below is a scanned image reference from the famous Tamil Pambu Panchanga for Pancha Pakshi and the Tamil Vasan Panchanga image.

The five birds Falcon, Owl, Crow, Cock, Peacock rulerships and activities are given in the reference. they are in Tamil, when I get chance I will translate and put a english version.

Please note that the Pambu Panchanga reference may have errors, So I plan to tabulate the Vasan Panchanga.

Warm Regards,
Sanjay P

Tamil Pambu Panchanga (May have error on the Krishna Paksha weekly pakshi activity

Vasan Panchanga Reference.