Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Monday, October 31, 2016

Financial New Year 2016-2017

|| Om Gurave Namah ||

Dear Jyotishas,

Below is the Financial new year chart, The chart is cast when Sun and moon are conjoined (Amavasya ending) in Tula/Libra rashi.

This is during the diwali and most financial communities start their new year from this time. Worship of Maha Lakshmi in her eight forms is done during this time.

The most notable yoga in this chart is that all grahas are between Ketu and Rahu. (for learners go from Ketu counter clockwise and before hitting Rahu you will pass through all the grahas). This is a type of Sarpa yoga, called Kaala Amrita yoga. All the graha are in grasp of Ketu and cannot perform fully, Ketu is Spiritual Kaaraka, He is the co-lord of scorpio the sign for past karma. This gives rise to lots of repayment of old debts. So nations will undergo this yoga, since the conjunction time will be same, Hora (i.e the hour) and lagna (time from sunrise) will be different, indicating how they will overcome it. Those nations which have Jupiter/Moon 1st or 7th house or at least in kendra will overcome this problem. The overall world economy will be shackles  for atleast 4.6 Months.

India,New Delhi has Moon in 4th and Mercury,12L, as hora lord, So lots of expense due to home or border related issues will be seen. Property prices may fall and may a low.

China, for the same instance, Beijing has Leo Lagna and Saturn Hora, Rahu in lagna, Only Venus in kendra with Hora Lord, Chinese economy will also suffer due to this Kaala amrita yoga, The savings will help them.

USA, at the same instance, DC get Sagittarius lagna and Sun hora lord,  Jupiter in kendra helps a bit from Kaal Amrita yoga. Sun is 9L  in 11th is good. but the KAY overall will be difficult.

Japan, Tokyo, at the same time has Virgo lagna and Mars Hora, Jupiter is on Virgo Lagna, Japan has the best combination to break free from the KAY(kala amrita yoga).. Mars(8L&3L) is hora lord in 4th, indicating that lost of assets will be sold to come out of KAY.

UK, get Taurus LAgna and Moon hora for London, Moon in 6th and KAY from 10th to 4th, Jobs have gone for a toss.

Berlin for Germany, gets Taurus lagna with Saturn hora, 9L and 10L with Venus in 7th., Overall hora wise fine, but KAY from 10th to 4th is strangling the Job market.

This very quick glance, I did not look at D2 etc, Hoping, we get sufficient look ahead from this.

Always you can give your comments and feedback below.

Warm Regards,
Sanjay P