Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Friday, March 13, 2009

Vastu Measurements and results

|| Om Gurave Namah ||
Dear Friends,
 Given below the list of results for various measurements and results. These are generally used in House contruction. The Feet here can be taken the normal 12" inch feet, OR it can be taken relative to the House owner body size (like 12 thumb digit lengths).

These table data is collected from a Tamil Calendar and also a book on Vastu. There are some differences of opinions on certains lengths. The user can select the one's in which there is concurrence.

There various opinions on the usage.
Some use it primarily to measure the foundation lengths on which the house stands.
OR Some other take only the internal size from the outer wall of the house into which all the rooms are enclosed.
Each room lengths can be considered if it's feasible. Or the Major rooms like Master bed room, Living room,puja room etc.
Normall for residential properties the boudary is preferred to be Square or Rectangle with no (Or minimal) tilts in corners.
In my opinion perfection here is very difficult so the person can concentrate on the major points.

Warm Regards
Sanjay P

6 Feet Good 6 lead a peaceful life.
7 Feet Poverty 7 lose all his wealth.
8 Feet Good Bhagya (Prosperity) 8 be blessed with great wealth and will enjoy all pleasures.
9 Feet Deep Sorrow 9 not only lose all his wealth but will also face insurmountable difficulties.
10 Feet Increase in cows etc domestic animals 10 The resident can be assured of at least a square meal a day.
11 Feet Gain of Milk foods 11 enjoy overall health and wealth.
12 Feet Loss of wealth 12 lose his child.
13 Feet Enmity with all 13 suffer from incurable diseases.
14 Feet Mental Turmoil, Loss,  14 Peace of mind will be lost.
15 Feet Hurdles in karma, difficulty to acquire prosperity 15 A death will occur in the resident's family.
16 Feet High Prosperity 16 attain great wealth.
17 Feet Prosperity like king 17 defeat his enemies.
18 Feet Loss of even stable property 18 The house will get destroyed soon.
19 Feet Loss of Spouse 19 experience poverty.
20 Feet Rajayoga happiness 20 lead a happy life.
21 Feet Prosperity of Cows and milk 21 live with honour and dignity.
22 Feet Happiness and fear on foes 22 defeat his enemies.
23 Feet Troubled by Decease  23 All evil events will occur in the house.
24 Feet Loss of Longevity 24 Only moderate benefits can be expected.
25 Feet Spiritual Blessing 25 lose his wife.
26 Feet Lives like Indra 26 Prosperity will rule the house .
27 Feet Life with High prosperity 27 become rich.
28 Feet Wealth and Progress in spirituality 28 God will bless  the resident and his family.
29 Feet Gains of Milk and wealth 29 be blessed with all kinds of wealth and material possessions.
30 Feet Lakshmi's blessings 30 be blessed by Godess Lakshmi, the God of wealth.
31 Feet Prosperity and blessings of shiva 31 experience moderate benefits
32 Feet Mukunda(Krishna's) Blessing 32 Lost wealth will be regained.
33 Feet Well Being 33 be blessed with overall prosperity
34 Feet Loss of Home 34 be forced to vacate the house and  live elsewhere.
35 Feet Lakshmi's blessings 35 make a fortune.
36 Feet Will rule with the king 36 be courageous.
37 Feet Happiness and Well Being 37 be blessed with good children and wealth.
38 Feet Troubles by Pisachas 38 be haunted by a demon at all times.
39 Feet Increase in happiness and pleasure 39 be blessed with overall prosperity.
40 Feet Always Unsatisfied 40 lose his possessions because of his enemies.
41 Feet Increase in happiness and pleasure 41 experience some happy events in his family.
42 Feet Laskhmi's Abode 42 The resident will be blessed with all kinds of wealth.
43 Feet Increases in Evil or Bad 43 experience difficulties.
44 Feet Loss of Eyesight 44 become blind.
45 Feet Good Childrens 45 be blessed with good children.
46 Feet Loss of Property 46 lose his prosperity.
47 Feet Long Poverty 47 lose his prosperity and will reside in an evil place.
48 Feet Fire Hazard 48 face danger from fire.
49 Feet Tridevi Dosham 49 face poverty.
50 Feet Prosperity of Milk 50 face neither good nor bad times.
51 Feet Vyajjiyam (Law Suites) 51 have to face unnecessary disputes.
52 Feet Growth of Cereals 52 be blessed with good food all his life.
53 Feet Useless expenditure 53 face problems because of women.
54 Feet Gains 54 incur the wrath of the government.
55 Feet Fights with Relatives 55 Help from relatives can be expected.
56 Feet Gains of Progeny 56 be blessed with children.
57 Feet Loss of Progeny 57 not have children.
58 Feet Hurdles 58 face a threat to his life.
59 Feet Good Foresight 59 face financial troubles.
60 Feet Material Gains 60 advance in his chosen career.
61 Feet Enmity 61 face unwanted disputes.
62 Feet Poverty 62 face poverty and suffer from diseases.
63 Feet Loss of Holdings 63 win in disputes.
64 Feet Lots of Wealth 64 prosper and will enjoy all luxuries.
65 Feet Destruction of Women 65 lose his wife.
66 Feet Blessed with Progeny 66 be blessed with overall prosperity.
67 Feet Fear 67 A devil will enter the house.
68 Feet Material Gains 68 unearth a treasure.
69 Feet Fire Hazard 69 face danger from thieves.
70 Feet Benefits for All 70 become famous.
71 Feet   71 ascend to higher positions in the government.
72 Feet Good Bhagya (Prosperity) 72 The resident will prosper and gain knowledge.
73 Feet Gains of Horses 73 The resident will have no children.
74 Feet Increase in Fame 74 receive support from the government.
75 Feet Happiness  75 lose his wealth and may die.
76 Feet Loss of Children 76 face trouble from his relatives.
77 Feet Gains of Elephants 77 buy a new vehicle.
78 Feet Loss of Children 78 The resident's daughter will face problems.
79 Feet   79 be blessed with wealth.
80 Feet Lakshmi's abode 80 The lord of wealth will reside in that house.
81 Feet Struck by Lightning 81 There is a threat to the owner of the house.
82 Feet   82 Threat from natural calamities.
83 Feet Fear of Death 83 lose his peace of mind.
84 Feet Saubhagya ( Good Prosperity) 84 live happily.
85 Feet will be wealthy 85 enjoy all luxuries.
86 Feet Troubles 86 face financial difficulties.
87 Feet   87 acquire vehicles.
88 Feet Saubhagya ( Good Prosperity) 88 experience overall welfare.
89 Feet Will build many Houses 89 The resident will build and acquire more houses.
90 Feet Yoga Bhagya (Fortune for Yoga) 90 prosper in all aspects of life.
91 Feet   91 be very knowledgeable.
92 Feet Aishwarya (Prosperity) 92 become famous ,might win awards and privileges.
93 Feet Leave leave the country 93 be forced to shift his residence.
94 Feet Will Travel Abroad 94 Poverty will rule the house.
95 Feet Will get Wealthy 95 become a celebrity.
96 Feet Will go Countries 96 There will be a drastic increase in all expenditures.
97 Feet Will sell by Ships 97 prosper in international business.
98 Feet Will go Countries 98 go abroad  and become famous.
99 Feet Will be ruler 99 be blessed with great fortune.
100 Feet Will live with prosperity 100 The god of arts and education will reside in that house.

101 accumulate huge wealth.

102 get help from friends.

103 be convicted.

104 not make profits from his business.

105 The resident's daughter will suffer from disease.

106 make a fortune.

107 accumulate huge wealth.

108 God will bless that house and the house and its residents.

109 be blessed with overall prosperity.

110 The God of wealth will bless the house and its residence.

111 Happy events will occur in the family.

112 regain lost property.

113 accumulate wealth.

114 There will be a change of place in the near future. 

115 The God of wealth will bless the house.

116 be well respected in the society.

117 become wealthier in general.

118 Poverty will rule that house.

119 accumulate huge wealth.

120 lose his entire wealth.

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