Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Papa,Shubha and Yoga Kaaraka for various lagna

|| Om Gurava Namah ||
Notes from BPHS is given below

Lagna Malefics (3,6,11 & Maraka) Benefics (Trines Normally) Marakas RajaYoga(Trine+Kendra) Notes
Mesha Sat, Merc,Venus Mars,Jup,Sun Venus(2nd), Sat (11th) Jup+Sat no Raaja Yoga  
Taurus Jup,Venus,Moon, Merc(somewhat) Saturn,Sun Jup(11th) group (,Venus 6th ,Moon 3rd ),Mars(12th) Saturn gives Raja yoga No Venus as he is KPD. But,Sun is not Trinal! The only case where non-trine becomes benefic.
Gemini Mars,Jupiter,Sun Venus Moon(2nd) Jup+Sat no Raaja Yoga  No: Sat , Merc for Shubha has KPD
Cancer Venus, Merc Mars,Jup, Moon Saturn(8th), (Sun 2nd) Mars Raja Yoga  
Leo Merc,Venus,Saturn Jup, Mars,Sun Saturn(6th ), Moon(12th) Jup+Venu no raja yoga  
Virgo Mars,Jup, Moon Merc,Venus Venus(2nd) Venus+Merc Good Yoga No Saturn for Shubha, Mercury has no KPD?! Only case where Benefic Lagna lord does not have KPD
Libra Jup,Sun,Mars  Sat,Merc Mars(2nd/7th), Jupiter,Sun(11th) Moon+Merc Raja Yoga, Venus Neutral No Venus for Shubha he is Sama. Venus has KPD (Kendraadipati Dosha),
Scorpio Venus,Merc,Saturn Jupiter,Moon Venus(12th/7th) Sun,Moon Yoga Kaaraka, Mars Neutral No Mars he is neutral
Saggittarius Venus Mars,Sun Saturn(2nd) Jupiter is Neutral, Sun+Merc = Raja Yoga Jupiter afflicted by KPD
Capricorn Mars,Jupiter,Moon Venus,Merc Mars (11th) Sun is neutral, Venus is yoga karaka No Saturn for Shubha though he is lagna Lord
Aquarius Jupiter,Moon, Mars Venus, Saturn Jupiter(2nd/11th), Mars (3rd),Sun(7th) Venus Raja yoga karaka,Mercury Neutral No Mercury for shubha he is neutral
Meena Saturn,Venus,Sun, Venus Mars,Moon Mars(2nd) (conjoined), Saturn(12th), Mercury(7th) Mars+Moon=Raja Yoga Jupiter afflicted by KPD

Thursday, February 05, 2015

अकथह akathaha chakra

|| Vyam vyaasadevaaya Namah ||

Dear Friends,

 Akathaha chakra is used to find the most suitable mantra based on  you name's 1st Phoneme or your birth nakshatra phoneme.

 Here I will just give the most simple rules, details can be read from Pt. Sanjay Rath's Vedic Remedies Astrology ( book or any other mantra shastra book like Mantra Mahodadhi.

 The first step is find the cell in below table where you name's first phoneme is, for example, my names sanjay (संजय)   and first phoneme is 'sa' which falls in 1st Column (C1) and 4th Row (R4).

Now all the phonemes in that cells are good for your mantra, example for Sanjay (अः त स  - aḥ ta sa) is good so mantra like "Om Suryaaya Namah" (Sa is the 1st phoneme for Surya) and Taaraa devi mantra "Om Taaredustaare turye swaha" since "ta" is 1st phoneme for "Taaraa"

The best is from 3rd row and 3rd column from you name (or nakshatra) phoneme, in this example, 3rd Row and 3 Column from C1R4 is C3R2, so (औ ढ श -  au ḍha śa ) so mantra's like "Om Shivaaya namah" is best (Susiddha) as "Sha"(śa) is in C3R2.

C1 C2 C3 C4
R1 अ क थ ह
a ka tha ha
उ ङ प
u ṅa pa
आ ख द
ā kha da
ऊ च फ
ū ca pha
R2 ओ ड व
o ḍa va
ऌ झ म
ḷ jha ma
औ ढ श
au ḍha śa
ॡ ञ य
ḹ ña ya
R3 ई घ न
ī gha na
ॠ ज भ
ṝ ja bha
इ ग ध
i ga dha
ऋ छ ब
ṛ cha ba
R4 अः त स
aḥ ta sa
ऐ ठ ल
ai ṭha la
अं ण ष
aṁ ṇa ṣa
ए ट र
e ṭa ra

Warm Regards,
Sanjay P
Om Tat Sat Suryaaya Namah