Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Monday, September 22, 2014

Tamil and Devanagari

|| Om Gurave Namah ||
Dear Friends,
  Below is a chart to help understand tamil and devanagari scripts. 
 You see that tamil scripts take only the 1st and 5th in every consonant lines. The intermediate tones are implied for example  "க" is used for both "क" (kaali) and  "ग" (guru), The tones are differentiated while speaking.

Chart Legend:
  1. Orange colours are vowels ruled by Sun
  2. Consonants: Red are ruled by Mars. Pink by Venus, Green by Mercury,Yellow by Jupiter, Blue by Saturn. 
  3. Semi Vowels are are shown as light Blue ruled by Moon
  4. Number below each consonant is the katpayaadi (कटपयादि) numbers
Differences: In tamil, note that ऋ is not a vowel but a taken as sibilant, the sound is similar to tamil ற,  similarly tamil sibilant ள similar to devanagiri ऌ , also अं can be replacing sound for ன . So they move from moon group to Sun group in Devanagiri.
Another difference is in Devanagiri each consonant groups like guttaral "Ka" क has five tones. In tamil only the 1st and last tone of each consonant group is taken for simplifications in writing. but in pronunciations they are taken as already mentioned.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sixteen Divisions Notes

 Om Gurave Namah

Dear Friends.
In this page I will try to type some notes of Pt. Sanjay Rath lection on Sixteen Divisions. I will keep adding to this page the other video notes.

Part 5

Now come to concepts.
We talked about 3 devis
Divine 3 Devi,
Cancer = Parvati, Divine mother, Durga, Health.
Libra = Laksmi,Spouse of Visnu 7th House.One who brings fortune.
12th House = Pisce = Saraswati, Moksha, meditation.vedas are in pisces. all shankaracharyas are therefore given title of Saraswati
Saggittarius - Religions.. and also All battle fields are indicated
Divine Masculine signs.
God is needed in the following signs.
Aquarius : When Sun and moon are in this sign we have have Shiva Ratri "Om Namah Shivaaya" or whenever /Saturn/Rahu giving trouble remember Shiva. We need masculine energy in this signs. Saturn and Rahu are windy planets and this tattwa is ruled by Shiva.
Scorpio : Mars and Ketu can be fully cured by Vishnu,
Water is feminine
Wind is tormentting we shiva
when fire is burining we need Vishnu.
Vishnu another name for remover of poison. Mars and Ketu are fire of poision like snake bite we burn to death.
Crocodile/Shark bites are like Saturn/Rahu we need Shiva
Vishnu is the first sound "a", we make this sound whenever we are in trouble.
Last sound is Shiva "ah" the breathing out, this is Shiva, "om" is veda we add "ah", we "a+h= vishnu + shiva add om we get aum, and haum. Haum mantra is for shiva.
Scorpio we have do Vishnu
Aquarius we do Shiva worship
Sun is another malefic planet, Sun is the ego and denies another,.. and this is a soul level problem... That is the problem of Leo 5th house who thinks he knows every thing... "Raama" mantra is needed for this sign.
The three sounds are Raama, Aum and Haum. This needs initiation.
Raama is Guru Initiation. Om is brahmana initiations and you will loose all violence problem mars and ketu problem.
Haum is no more sorrow and rebirth.
The guru gives the glass of water how long it takes drink the water is your problem..
Haum is Sanyasa and removes from all attachments. What you love the most you should try to give up.
Problems are in Leo, Mars ruled Scorpio/Aries and Sat/Aquarius/Capricorn. Total is 5 Signs of trouble.

Part 9

Look at this chart , This is night birth. Now I am going to divide day and night in time parts.
We have
day : 6AM Mercury 7AM Jupiter - 10AM Sun - 3PM Venus 5PM Merc
night: 6PM Merc 7PM mars - 10PM moon - 3AM saturn 5AM Merc.
lets take exaply midnight a person is born.
I have taken planets in order and given 3 parts of day/night... sandhi is given to merc...
For 12Night
There is two hora is hhow i am feeding.. the source is see with this...person born midnight source is moon. some born 9PM is mars... you have to get food to give food...
This is chart of shree krishna.
Suppose person in born in midday....Sun is suppose to get you money...If you need to get 10 slices of bread saying where u get it from is not accurate...
in world source is different from feeding.. You get from one planet. I need to find out the planet feeding is strong... Ex shree krishna is born in midnigh... the Moon is the giver of resouces... Giver of fortune.... It's in taurus in second house...exalted.. you got it?? Do you think he will get lot of money... when he was born ...he need to be taken to a milkmans house and let got a empire....
I first taught u how are you eating and now shown how u are getting.. I should have done the reverse..
In this chart it's obviouse he got huge amout of resource.. because he is born in midnight..
Find what time you are born

Haris born in sunset.. Fortune planet is mercury... mercury in 8th house... now you see the problemm.. unlesss mercury says you cannot get money...
I was born at 9PM Mars is given Mars in 7th it's horrible no chance....
If your strengthen the planet u get the resources... how do you stregthen the planet???,,, If you are born in sun half u are in father half in moon half you are mother half that is from ascetandant you brain is cofigured taking either to father or mother... What is to be offered so for mercury you have to offer leave.. for Venus... (Naivedhya)....Sun offer Honey.... Moon Milk, Venus...Food/Fruits....for jupiter flower, saturn incesnse... Mars Lamp/candle..
So what should I do ?... I have to put ghee in a little lamp and come...Moment i do this I get some resources....This is from the time of the day/night you are born. if ex 10:30AM then Sun.Sun in Leo you have lot of money... You have to offer money to shiva... since sun is extremely well placed....She has been taken care of ... Sun in 11th house... 11th house is house of getting ...unlike in 2nd house of wealth...(11th is upachaya)...11 th it will give you what you ask... but you have to ask.. offer the Honey and then watch...
Another Sun in 12th house... Like sanjayji Mars in 7th... Sun is worst in 12th...(Marana Kaaraka staana) so the finance is difficult, both same club...