Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kala Sarpa & Kala Amrita Yoga

Article on Kala Sarpa & Kala Amrita Yoga of Pt. Sanjay Rath:

I do not have the reference at present for the Stanza "Agre Rahu adhou Ketu Sarva madhye Graha..." for Kala Sarpa Yoga (KSY) and the reverse i.e. "Agre Ketu adhou Rahu .." for Kala Amrita Yoga (KAY). There were other details about the famines and destruction brought about by the KSY in mundane matters. This was extended to natal charts.

The moot point is that the nodes (Rahu & Ketu) represent the two extremities of life like the infra-red rays (Ketu) and the Ultra-violet rays (Rahu) being the two extremeties of the visible spectrum of seven colors (VIBGYOR - the remaining seven planets from Sun to Saturn). Like the Infra-red & Ultra-violet rays are not part of the visible spectrum, yet they can be good (Infra-red can cure many bone related/muscle related diseases) or bad (UV is very dangerous and depletes the ozone layer like Rahu cutting out our breathing system and causing strangulation, asthama etc) so also the nodes Ketu & Rahu are not visible, yet they can influence human life.

These two extremities of Human life are the Saint who renounces all attachment to worldly material existence in search for emancipation from sorrow/re-birth symbolised by Moksha karaka Ketu ruling the Tejas (fire) of tapasya or the dreaded Criminals who will go to any extent to enjoy the material enjoyments of this world like the Bhogi - Rahu. These nodes are always opposite to each other symbolising the opposite poles of life direction. Every human being is stationed between these two extremeties at any point of time in his life.

Coming to the question of determining the existence of KSY or KAY, the first thing is to IGNORE the ascendant (Lagna). Place your finger on the sign occupied by Ketu and move it zodiacally along the signs till the sign occupied by Rahu. Were all the other seven planets placed within these signs from Ketu to Rahu? If yes, then Kala Sarpa Yoga
exists. Similarly, place your finger on the sign occupied by Rahu and move it zodiacally along the signs till the sign occupied by Ketu. Were all the other seven planets placed within these signs from Rahu to Ketu? If yes, then Kala Amrita Yoga exists. If KSY exists then there is an inherent tendency to enjoy and to grab material comforts for oneself. This can take an extreme form like criminal tendencies like stealing etc. If KAY exists, then the tendency is to give up everything. In any case such people tend to be extreme in their decisions and naturally, there will be physical (Rahu) and mental (Ketu) suffering just like Rahu and Ketu eclipsing the Sun and Moon respectively.
In both cases, this is considered a bondage due to Karma of the last birth and will relieve the person or manifest at a certain specific age depending on the chart. One method of determing this is to use the natural years of the planets (refer to Crux of Vedic astrology by this scribe) where that for Rahu is 45 and for Ketu is 43. The next natural question is to determine the planets that can break this KSY or KAY related suffering. We know that natural malefics in Kendra (Quadrants) generate Sarpa Yoga. Thus, natural malefic planets (Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu - Sun has been included as a Krura and not as a Dushta) only enhace the suffering and potential problems associated with the KSY or KAY while natural Benefic planets (Moon, Jupiter, Mercury & Venus) can annul the suffering and generate greatness or Maha Yoga.

Next comes the placement of these planets to annul the KSY/KAY and generate the Maha Yoga. If in a chart otherwise having KSY/KAY, these benefic planet(s) are placed with either of Rahu (Bhoga) or Ketu (Moksha) then the suffering ends and he attains greatness. Now coming to houses, the placement of these planets in the first or seventh
house (Satya Peetha) also generates this great yoga. The results of KSY/KAY are altered as per the houses they start from and end at. Details are beyond the scope of this letter.

A traditional Vedic Astrologer should not end without a small note on remedies. "Kaloh Chandi Vinayako" is the Vedic remedy for this KSY (Chandi) or KAY (Vinayaka - Ganapati) respectively. When the benefic planets conjoin the nodes, the deities are Parvati/Gouri (Moon), Sambasiva (Jupiter), Vishnu (Mercury) and Lakshmi (Venus) respectively. When natural benefics are in the first house, then the deity is a form of Vishnu while in the seventh house a form of Shiva. In this manner the intelligent astrologer can recommend the correct remedy.