Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Monday, June 09, 2008

Graha motions

|| Om Gurave Namah ||
Dear Jyotishas,
Let me add my few understanding of the definitions of speed, Hopefully this will be of help,

The average motion of all grahas are as below (Ref: BV Raman Graha/Bhava Bala).

Graha Mean Motion
Sun 0.985602654500
Mars 0.52401933300
Mercury Same as Sun
Jupiter 0.08309633300
Venus Same as Sun
Saturn 0.03343933330

All units are degrees per Savana Day.

# Definition Strength Meaning Sign Change? Explanation
1 Vakra 60 Retrograde/Reverse
The Graha is going in reverse direction but has not changed to previous sign. If the Graha continued in it's average speed it still would have been in the same sign.
2 Anuvakra 30 Retrograde/Reverse And Moving Previous sign The Graha is going in reverse sign direction and also crossed previous sign. After Changing to previous sign the power is reduce from 60 to 30 but still has not come to normal
3 Vikal 15 Stationary
The graha has not moved. (Actually the graha can never be in absolute stationary motion, So the day it's moving from reverse to forward can be taken as stationary day)
4 Manda 30 Slow/Below Average
The Graha is going the below average speed. While trying to go below average speed, The graha has to put some effort (energy) this energy level is 30
5 Mandatara 15 Slow/Below Average And Moving Next sign The Grahas has crossed a sign on a below average speed, After changing the sign the graha's energy reduces from 30 to 15 but the graha still has to exert some effort
6 Sama 7.5 Normal/Average

7 Chara 45 Fast/Above Average
The Graha going in above average speed, To do this acceleration it has to exert effort of 45 Kalas.
8 Atichara 30 Fast/Above Average And Moving Next sign While going on above average speed the graha has moved to next sign, The sign is like a destination achieved, So the energy level is lower to 35 from 45. But still the graha has not come to normal speed in this state.

Warm Regards
Sanjay P
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