Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Friday, May 27, 2005

Dream Analysis

By Sanjay Prabhakaran
Last night, I had an unusual dream which the listmembers can help decipher and interpret. In the dream, I was in personal association with the current American president and his father. I was telling George W to take an enjoyable bike ride by taking a scenic route, which includes a tunnel and a lake, near the White House. Even Laura Bush was amazed that there was such a route nearby.

After this scene, I was conversing with the Older Bush about a tax reduction in personal income. The Older Bush said "I heard that you retired. Is that true?

I replied, "I guess I can't keep any secrets around here. Yes, that's true." During this conversation, I was amazed at how I got involved with such important people in the US.

The Older Bush continued by saying, "You know, they reduced the 'slurp' tax on my personal income."

Without hesitation I responded, "That's because you're retired. Even though I did not know what it was, it appeared that was the right thing to say.

On the next scene, a healthy looking man appeared with a smile to greet the Older Bush and me in a hall which I presumed to be in the Capitol. The man appeared to look like the younger version of Senator Ted Kennedy or Mayor Newsome of San Francisco. After the greeting, he hastily walked ahead of us and bade us to follow.

To which the Older Bush commented, "I wish these senators would slow down for us to follow."

Thus, the dream far as I can recall. :) Comments anyone? What is the meaning of this dream?


John R.

Dreams which are seen before sun rise can be deciphered to foretell the future.

Can you please tell if this dream was seen before sunrise. And you were not under the influence of some drugs(medication etc), Sickness or thought induced due to a movie,story etc.

If not then also please tell the time of seeing the dream.

I estimate that the dream occurred at about 3 AM. In the San Francisco Bay Area, the sun rises at about 5 AM. I did not take any drugs, for medication or otherwise, before going to sleep. However, I usually take an ayurvedic herbal supplement before sleeping for health reasons. I have noticed that this herbal pill appears to give clear and colorful dreams sometimes. Also, I did not watch any movies or TV programs before sleeping either.

Further, I'm not a vegetarian. I've heard that there maybe negative effects of eating meat and fish, aside from pure physical health aspect is concerned.

Please, tell us what the dream means if you have any ideas.

I Learnt a principle about dream analysis, Havent used them much. But anyway, letme try it on your case.

I casted the chart for San Fransisco for 03:00AM (Sunrise at 5:57AM).

Truth in dream
The Dream chart lagna is not aspected by Sun or Moon. The principle is Sun or moon the luminaries aspecting the dream lagna can make the dream come true. Which is not the case here. But Moon is in trines in the 9th house. To counter, Rahu in Dream lagna makes me doubt whether thereis possibility of truth. So taking this as an indicator as a possibility only let me analyse further.

Dream Bhava is 9th
9th Bhava is where dreams come from. The reason, 12th house is sleeping and the action performed at that time is 10th from 12th, Which is 9th house.

Chart for dream scene.
Assign planets and Bhavas to characters and places repectively in Dream. Using this principle an assumed chart can be cast. For example,
"Saw the ruler of the nation with his wife"-> Sun and Moon.
"The place was the capitol"->10th house.
"You were present with them"->Lagna Lord in 10th with Sun and Moon.

There is conversation about playfullness so either the 10 sign is Gemini or Virgo (3rd is playing and Virgo is also playgrounds) So either Mercury sign or Mercury is playing a role here in the 10th.

Now, Since this chart is of Dream Scene the Lagna here is actually the 9th house from your reality.

So the whole 10th house is dream is actually your 6th house from Actual lagna.

So the portent, if any, is of some Solar or Lunar influence in 6th house. Indicating that your may get govt job or something service related. Sun-Moon in 6th may indicate your parental relation may be in stress.

To time this event please take proportional time of 3AM from last sunset and sunrise for a Years time. As One year is maximum time by which a dream can fructify.

Sunrise: 5:57:32 (May 23)
Sunset: 20:16:09 (May 23)

Night about 9H 45minutes. and this happened three hours or so before sun rise. This even can after about 3.7 months from date of seeing the dream. The proportion is done in reverse as dreams seen right at sunrise have immediate effect.

Please check your natal dasa, and focus on 6th house results, send your birth detail for others to check also

Thank you
Warm Regards
Sanjay P

Hari om tat sat

VA21267 Dream Analysis

Natal Chart

Date: May 24, 2005
Time: 3:00:00
Time Zone: 7:00:00 (West of GMT)
Place: 122 W 25' 06", 37 N 46' 30"
San Francisco, California, USA
Altitude: 63.00 meters

Lunar Yr-Mo: Parthiva - Vaisakha
Tithi: Krishna Pratipat (Su) (36.03% left)
Vedic Weekday: Monday (Mo)
Nakshatra: Jyeshtha (Me) (96.87% left)
Yoga: Siva (Me) (1.32% left)
Karana: Kaulava (Ma) (72.06% left)
Hora Lord: Moon (5 min sign: Cn)
Mahakala Hora: Venus (5 min sign: Pi)
Kaala Lord: Sun (Mahakala: Sun)

Sunrise: 5:57:32 (May 23)
Sunset: 20:16:09 (May 23)
Janma Ghatis: 52.6026

Ayanamsa: 23-55-50.25
Sidereal Time: 17:58:44

Namaste, Sanjay

That was a fantastic analysis. I've never seen an actual chart reading based on a dream. You've given us a very important lesson. For the benefit of all, can you give us a name of a book which contains the method for making this dream analysis?

Your point relating to the 6th house has some bearing with what I'm doing presently. I am doing a real estate project which requires much physical labor, such as painting, sanding and cleanup. Even though the work is physical, I find the work satisfying. It gives me some control and freedom of what I want to do.

Perhaps, the reason for this satisfaction is due to the fact that I used to work for the federal government which requires much patience in dealing with the bureaucratic rules, in addition to the actual stress from the actual work involved.

In my own way, it is likely that the dream provided an experience of being in control of the situation which was depicted in my association with prominent people in the USA, with the president and his family no less.

As far as my actual plans in the near future is concerned, I do not want to work for another government agency (city or state), if I can help it. I am planning to start a career in real estate, an area that I have been doing as a sideline job while employed on a full time basis. This career can be considered service related, as you have analyzed in the dream.

We'll find out how this dream plays out in the waking state of consciousness in the next few months.

May you gain the support of Nature in all of your endeavors!
Thank you.
John R.
My actual birth data is as follows:
July 21, 1951
6:01 AM
Tagbilaran, Bohol, Philippines
123E51 9N39
Cancer lagna
Moon in Dhanishta

Currently undergoing the period of Saturn/Jupiter/Sun.
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