Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Burma Moves Its Capital

As Scrutiny Grows, Burma Moves Its Capital: "Few in Rangoon can fathom the motives for the abrupt move, which began Nov. 6. Most observers and even some government officials say they suspect it was solely the brainchild of Gen. Than Shwe, the secretive head of Burma's ruling military junta."

Jyotish Analysis

By Sanjay Prabhakaran

The Parthiva Samvatsara's Chaitra Shukla Pratipada (S1) chart for Rangoon, The Capital of Burma is given Below.

Date:          April 9, 2005
Time: 3:02:36 am
Time Zone: 6:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 95 E 00' 00", 16 N 47' 00"
Rangoon, Burma/Myanmar
Altitude: 0.00 meters

Lunar Yr-Mo: Parthiva - Chaitra
Tithi: Sukla Pratipat (Su) (100.00% left)
Vedic Weekday: Friday (Ve)
Nakshatra: Revati (Me) (36.18% left)
Yoga: Vaidhriti (Ju) (72.36% left)
Karana: Kimstughna (Ve) (100.00% left)
Hora Lord: Venus (5 min sign: Ta)
Mahakala Hora: Sun (5 min sign: Ta)
Kaala Lord: Moon (Mahakala: Moon)

Sunrise: 6:00:35 am (April 8)
Sunset: 6:24:15 pm (April 8)
Janma Ghatis: 52.5844

Ayanamsa: 23-55-43.23
Sidereal Time: 16:01:23

The Hora Lord is Venus. It's is the 5th and 10th Lord. The 10th indicates the Capital or the place of execution of power. The Parivartana yoga indicates that there is going to some change. The A10 is tangible manifestation. The A10 (Raajya Pada) is conjoined Hora lord Venus indicating that some changes could be possible. This needs to be confirmed from Divisional chart, Since at that moment all nearby nations could also having Similar rising chart.

The D10, gives more details about activities in Rashi 10th house. In D10 for Rangoon we see that we have Gemini rising and again we have a parivartana between 10th Lord Jupiter and 6th lord Mars. The Scorpio lord is taken as Mars, even though Ketu is with Saturn. As Mars froms a stronger yoga with Jupiter by parivartana compared with Conjuntion yoga formed by Ketu with Saturn.

The strong indications of mars in Rashi and D10 indicates that the Military is the main cause of this change.

The compressed vimshottari dasha is

Vimsottari Dasa (started from Moon):

Maha Dasas:

Merc: 2005-03-08 (10:05:15 am) - 2005-04-27 (9:18:02 pm)
Ket: 2005-04-27 (9:18:02 pm) - 2005-05-18 (5:46:31 pm)
Ven: 2005-05-18 (5:46:31 pm) - 2005-07-16 (8:17:49 pm)
Sun: 2005-07-16 (8:17:49 pm) - 2005-08-02 (2:28:29 pm)
Moon: 2005-08-02 (2:28:29 pm) - 2005-09-01 (6:05:29 am)
Mars: 2005-09-01 (6:05:29 am) - 2005-09-21 (11:10:39 am)
Rah: 2005-09-21 (11:10:39 am) - 2005-11-13 (9:31:25 pm)
Jup: 2005-11-13 (9:31:25 pm) - 2005-12-31 (7:09:28 pm)
Sat: 2005-12-31 (7:09:28 pm) - 2006-02-26 (3:15:42 am)

It has to be noted that the hora Lord is Venus and Rahu is tightly conjoined Venus both in Rashi chart and Dasamsa Chart.

So Rahu will give the results of Venus.
Now, as per Paachakaadi Relation, Venus is inimical to 4th house from where he is situated. Venus is kaaraka moving away from house and travelling.
Hence the move can be seen in Rahu dasa. To confirm the same from Dasamsa chart we see that Jupiter the 10th lord is in 4th Venus. Hence Venus behave very inimical to Jupiter and initiates the parivartana.

Hare Rama Krishna.
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