Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Chinese New Year - Parthiva Magha Shukla Pratipada

Om Gurave Namah

Dear Jyotishas,
Wish you all Happy Makara Sankranti and Chinese New Year. The Chinese new year commences with the first phase of Moon in Makara/Capricorn Rashi. The current samvatsara is called Parthiva Samavatsara in Jupiterian cycle of 60 Years. The Month is named after the Nakshatra in which a Full moon occurs. Hence, When First phase commences in Capricorn The full moon occurs in Magha Nakshatra in Leo. Hence this new year in vedic naming convention is called Parthiva Magha Shukla Pratipada. Prati-pada, Prati means first, Pada means Part. Shukla means Brightening to indicate the waxing phase of moon.

This Year The chinese Governments resolution is to remove poverty.
"Chinese leaders mark Lunar New Year with poverty pledge
BEIJING (AP) — China's leaders spent the Lunar New Year holiday with locals in the impoverished countryside, where growing discontent has spilled over into violent protests, and pledged Sunday to do more to improve living standards."

The chart for this year is given below,
Date: January 29, 2006
Time: 10:15:10 pm
Time Zone: 8:00:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 123 E 53' 00", 39 N 51' 00"
Beijing, China
Altitude: 0.00 meters

Lunar Yr-Mo: Parthiva - Magha
Tithi: Sukla Pratipat (Su) (100.00% left)
Vedic Weekday: Sunday (Su)
Nakshatra: Sravanam (Mo) (58.01% left)
Yoga: Siddhi (Ma) (16.02% left)
Karana: Kimstughna (Me) (100.00% left)
Hora Lord: Venus (5 min sign: Le)
Mahakala Hora: Mercury (5 min sign: Sg)
Kaala Lord: Moon (Mahakala: Moon)

Sunrise: 6:58:01 am
Sunset: 4:59:11 pm
Janma Ghatis: 38.2141

Ayanamsa: 23-56-28.51
Sidereal Time: 7:05:27

Makara Rashi is the kali yuga sign, Hence Makara Sankranti(ingress) of Sun into Capricorn is celebrated as new year in many parts of India. Classics like Kaalaprakaashika also recommend to take the time of Sun ingress into Capricorn for developments in Mineral and other related events. The reconning of Moon cycle from Makara also hence makes sense.

In the above chart for Beijing China, We see that Hora Lord is Venus. Which is also the 9th Lord. Hence the Venus is yoga kaaraka for wealth. Being Hora lord it indicates the main focus of Wealth and resources also. The chinese govt. hence made a pledge of removing poverty. The retrograde Venus indicates tremendous efforts put by the Govt. In 4th house of Property it's also in Partivartana with Jupiter in second so the focus is all the more on wealth generation. 9th lordship of Venus is very auspicious, But 2nd house is a maraka staana and having Jupiter with Kendradi pati doshas, Due to benefic owning the Kendra. The compromise made will be high. Retrograde graha takes the character of nodes, Nodes approach the solution to a problem in reverse. Hence Venus will also take some of the character.

Vimsottari Dasa (started from Moon):
Maha Dasas:
Moon: 2006-01-17 (1:01:07 pm) - 2006-02-16 (2:33:54 am)
Mars: 2006-02-16 (2:33:54 am) - 2006-03-08 (11:54:12 pm)
Rah: 2006-03-08 (11:54:12 pm) - 2006-05-02 (7:42:04 pm)
>>> Jup: 2006-05-02 (7:42:04 pm) - 2006-06-21 (6:51:49 pm)
Sat: 2006-06-21 (6:51:49 pm) - 2006-08-20 (10:05:43 am)
Merc: 2006-08-20 (10:05:43 am) - 2006-10-11 (5:45:08 pm)
Ket: 2006-10-11 (5:45:08 pm) - 2006-11-01 (8:20:33 pm)
>>> Ven: 2006-11-01 (8:20:33 pm) - 2006-12-31 (2:53:55 am)
Sun: 2006-12-31 (2:53:55 am) - 2007-01-17 (6:52:28 pm)

The dasa of Jupiter will mostly give the results of Venus due to this parivartana. Hence in 2006/May it would be interesting to note the developments in China in wealth related matter. Due to the regtrogression It will delay the results and Hence Venus dasa may actually give the results in wealth in 2006/nov.

The Taurus indicates Food and Village produces and Libra indicates the Marketting and particularly stock markets. Both are ruled by Venus, Taurus would have given more traditional growth but Libra having Jupiter makes it more stronger and Hence a Stock market based growth is very possible. The Jupiter indicates some expansion (could be little harmful as it's having kendradi pati doshas). The chinese market may hence open up with possibly opening a new Stock exchange for trading.

Warm Regards

Sanjay P

Hare Rama Krishna

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