Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Understanding Antardasa

|| Om Gurave Namah ||

Dear Jyotishas,

Zodiac with all the divisional analysis indicates all the karma the native has accumulated so far. The Dasa systems indicates the karma which is currently fructifying.

It's preferred to be aware of all past samskaara and do proactive remedies. But not all of us may have the chance to do it. Hence, Analysis of the dasa and remedies based on the current dasa is another solution. Here in this writeup I will try to explain my understanding of Antardasa. The student can learn and apply the same for suitable remedies.

The Mahadasa indicates what the person learns in soul level. It indicates the nature of the self for a longer durations of time. Time span as seen from mana on atma is very slow or, in other words, Atma level learnings are very slow to sink in.

The Antardasa indicates the Mana(Mind) level influence from the environment. The influences on mind changes faster. Enjoyer of Antardasa is Mind Or Moon. Antardasa is also called Bhukti. Bhukti means enjoyment, like pleasures of senses, eating etc,. The word Bhukti hence gives good description of Antardasa results.

Understanding that Antardasa gives mana (Mind) level influence we can do the following to understand it for a given chart,
  1. Moon: Consider Antardasa from Moon lagna (Seat of Mind).
    • Consider moon lagna in various divisional charts to understand the influence from each environments
    • Primarily consider Moon dispositor and 4,2 and 11th from Moon.

  2. Arudha: Consider Arudha's controlled by the Antardasa.
    • Arudha's are influences on mind and hence give enjoyments.

  3. Bhoga: Compute Bhoga. Bhoga means enjoyment is synonym to Bhukti. And see the place from where Antardasa gives the enjoyment.
    • Calculate the distance of Antardasa lord from Dasa Lord, Count as many signs from Antardasa lord to get the sign from where enjoyments are coming.

  4. Argala Given by Antardasa lord: The Antardasa lord tries to influence the moon(mind). Hence consider 10, 12 and 3rd from Antardasa lord.
The above clues can be intelligently applied by students of Jyotish to unravel the results of antardasa. Interested Readers may post one examples of the above usages in their respective chart for any given event.

Warm Regards
Sanjay P

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