Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lagnamshaka Dasha

|| Om Gurave Namah ||

Dear Jyotishas,
Following a clip from the article in Jyotish digest, The complete article can be read from the magazine. The following case study is not in the print.

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"Lagnamshaka Dasha"
by Narayan Iyer and Sanjay Prabhakaran

Case 5: Scientist Albert Einstein

Lagnamsaka Dasa from D-9 chart (a versatile phalita rasi dasa):

Maha Dasas:

Pi: 1879-03-14 (11:30:00 am) - 1880-03-13 (5:32:36 pm)
Ar: 1880-03-13 (5:32:36 pm) - 1890-03-14 (7:09:07 am)
Ta: 1890-03-14 (7:09:07 am) - 1901-03-15 (2:47:30 am)
Ge: 1901-03-15 (2:47:30 am) - 1909-03-15 (4:06:15 am)
Cn: 1909-03-15 (4:06:15 am) - 1916-03-14 (11:09:53 pm)
Le: 1916-03-14 (11:09:53 pm) - 1921-03-15 (5:54:34 am)
Vi: 1921-03-15 (5:54:34 am) - 1926-03-15 (12:39:24 pm)
Li: 1926-03-15 (12:39:24 pm) - 1932-03-15 (1:36:39 am)
Sc: 1932-03-15 (1:36:39 am) - 1935-03-15 (8:05:40 pm)
Sg: 1935-03-15 (8:05:40 pm) - 1937-03-15 (8:18:11 am)
Cp: 1937-03-15 (8:18:11 am) - 1947-03-15 (9:56:16 pm)
Aq: 1947-03-15 (9:56:16 pm) - 1958-03-15 (5:42:48 pm)
Pi: 1958-03-15 (5:42:48 pm) - 1969-03-15 (1:24:05 pm)

Einstein lifetime was from 1879 to 1955. Interestingly one of the most famous scientific person dint run the Lagnamasaka dasa directly containing, Lagna Lord, Sun or Jupiter in his major adult period. But in the end part of his life we get Aquarius dasa,

Instead lets analyze the dasa of Lagna, Parts of this dasa will give results of Lagna Lord Mercury and aspect of Sun in Pisces. The Mercury is also conjoined lagna lord mercury. This dasa is from 1901 to 1909, As expected he made one of his important scientific papers in this period. He formulated the theory of special relativity in 1905. In fact, He was awarded the 1921 Nobel Prize for Physics for his explanation of the photoelectric effect in 1905 (his "wonderful year") and "for his services to Theoretical Physics." The aspect of Sun and Lagna Lord made him understand about properties of Light and Time. The year 1905, called the “Wonderful Year” in his life falls in this period. He published The Annus Mirabilis Papers (from Annus mirabilis, Latin for 'extraordinary year') are the papers of Albert Einstein published in the "Annalen der Physik" journal in 1905. The four articles contributed a large portion of the foundation for modern physics.

Virgo dasa, Which also also lorded by his lagna lord and aspecting Sun was another important period (1921-1926, He was awarded Nobel prize, One of the highest honour achieved in his life. Incidentally it contains the Arudha Lagna, This award is one of primary titles affecting his image in this society.

Aquarius dasa contains Jupiter, As expected we can say the person will do many activities for the social good. In those years the world war had just ended with the use of Atomic bomb. Einstein saw the far reaching effects of his knowledge. He started to lobby heavily for Nuclear disarmament and for a world government. The effect of Jupiter’s philosophy of Vasudeva Kutumba, The whole world as single family, was very evident.

In a 1949 article entitled "Why Socialism?",[37] Albert Einstein described the "predatory phase of human development", exemplified by a chaotic capitalist society, as a source of evil to be overcome. He disapproved of the totalitarian regimes in the Soviet Union and elsewhere, and argued in favor of a democratic socialist system which would combine a planned economy with a deep respect for human rights.

Jupiter’s ethereal element was also visible in his scientific thoughts On March 30, 1953, Einstein released a revised unified field theory, This theory was an attempt to unify all the physical forces in nature. This is a work which is still being done by other physics researchers for understanding this physical world.

Thus it’s very evident from Lagnamsaka dasa that Lagna Lord mercury, Sun and Jupiter played a very crucial role in all his important intellectual achievements in his life.

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