Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Monday, January 19, 2009

Navakkari Chakra

|| Om Gurave Namah ||
Dear Jyotishas,
 Here is something interesting I read about,
 Thirumantram (Divine Mantra) book in tamil describes the Navakkari chakra and meanings of beeja mantra. In Canto 4 chapter 13 is Navakkari Mantra.
 Here is small description of the beeja;s I compiled

You read more from :
For Original tamil text :

Mantra Shakti Description Results
Shreem Golder Flower Smokey hue Name, Fame, Immortality(Removes Apamrityu)
Wealth, Reach Gangadhara
Hreem Wearing Garlands, On cloudy garden Attract all (Kings etc), Remove Enmity(Enemies),
Ruler of 8 directions 
Aim Vageshwari(Saraswati) Education, Knowledge, Success in competition.
All types of learnings
Gaum Ruler of All tatva (Like Ganesha). Tatva Nayaki Removes evil eye, Remove Lust, Anger and ignorance.
Success and fame in all actions. Excellent Communications skills. Fames due one's actions.
Krim Parashakti (Kaali) Removes Sorrow, depression,ego and ignorance. Clarity of Vision.
Fame and wealth due to this. Golden hue around sadhaka due to removal of tamas.
Haum Sadashiva Shakti Happiness,  Pure Knowledge, Like pacha-akshara mantra.
Control five senses. Sees divinity in all.
Aum Amudeshwari (self-created) Merge with all. 
Saum Present in throught center,  Spaces and beyond spaces,
Klim Six hands with torch, the trident, the goad, the noose, bow, and arrow weapons. 64 Shakti surrounding, Eight Kanya in 8 directions with bow and arrow.  Bedecked with fines jewelleries and dress. (Krishna) Nada(Sound) and Bindu (Light) shall merge. Liberation.

Warm Regards
Sanjay P

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sri vidya sadhana said...

Thanks for this post. Quite interesting read. Recently i found this Navakkari chakra/mantra is a part of srividya sadhana thought by thirumoolar tradition. Here is the link I wouldlike to share for your reference
I hope this info helps to you.