Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Thursday, December 11, 2014

India Emergency Period 25 June 1975 till 21 March 1977

|| Om Gurave namah ||
Dear Jyotishas,
 If you read modern India history, you maybe interested in seeing the Indian Emergency rule from 25 June 1975 until its withdrawal on 21 March 1977.

I am here trying to see the event in horoscope of India and below is the chart of India.
In a national chart the following are the house significances, (Ref: SRATH)
Bhava Number
Rāja praśna-National chart
The nation, constitution, ideals
Wealth, treasury, currency
Armed forces & their chief, servants
Vehicles, property
Ministers, Officials wielding delegated powers
Enemies, disease
Donations, aid, life of nation
Policy and attitude
President, Prime minister and Administration
Gains, income
Losses, expenditure

From the above we see that, constitution is 1st house, 9th house is policies and 10th is PM, President. 
Loss of Freedom, shown by Saturn. In India's chart Saturn rules 9th and 10th house so there is lot of Saturn karma to deal. Also saturn's excess can by Rahu, per dictum like saturn is rahu. 
We have Rahu in Lagna (the constitution)
So you will expect all these to come during Saturn or Rahu period. The Mahadasa was mercury and Antardasa is Rahu.
Vimsottari Dasa:
 Merc MD:  1965-09-02  -  1982-09-03
  Rah AD:  1975-02-26  -  1977-09-18
   Pratyantardasas in this AD:
   Rah:  1975-02-26  -  1975-07-18
   Jup:  1975-07-18  -  1975-11-20
   Sat:  1975-11-20  -  1976-04-12
   Merc:  1976-04-12  -  1976-08-25
   Ket:  1976-08-25  -  1976-10-19
   Ven:  1976-10-19  -  1977-03-20
   Sun:  1977-03-20  -  1977-05-05
   Moon:  1977-05-05  -  1977-07-24
   Mars:  1977-07-24  -  1977-09-18

Mercury mahadasa will not explain the event though the antardasa is okay. To solve that, you will need to look at nakshatra lords of graha,
Body/Cusp Nakshatra
As Su
Su Me
Mo Sa
Ma Ra
Me Sa
Ju Ju
Ve Me
Sa Me
Ra Su
Ke Sa
You see that Mercury is Saturn's nakshatra (Pushya) and Saturn in Mercury's nakshatra(Ashlesha). There is a sookshma or nakshatra parivartana here. So we got dasa is like Saturn mahadasa and Rahu antardasa in that period. Also Ashlesha is ruled by snakes /Rahu. So Rahu got even more happy to do his job in of grasping in Mercury mahadasa.

You will also note that as soon Sun Pratyantara dasa came the Emergency was lifted!.

Your views are welcome.
Warm Regards,
Sanjay P
Om Tat Sat Suryaaya Namah

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