Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ramayana as Remedy

|| Om Gurave Namah ||

Dear Friends,

  The entire Raamayana can be used as karmic remedy. The Brihaddharma purana 26.9 to 26.15 lists the below remedy for each Kaanda of Ramayana

Kaanda/काण्ड Remedy
बालकाण्डम्/Baala Kaanda Remedy from Drought or Famine like conditions, Acute Pain, Evil Influence of planets/Graha
Ayodhya Kaanda For Birth of Son, Wedding, Seeking Guru
Aranya Kaanda Remedy from Danger of fire or water, when exiled, living in forest or suffering in foreign country, Summoned in Court
Kishkinda Kaanda Getting good friends, support, partner( for business or any endeavour), Searching for any lost property or dear person.
Sundara Kaanda Shraadha, Offering respects to dead, death anniversary, This may help the person leave this world in a peaceful manner. 
Yuddha/Lanka Kaanda To win over enemy, war or such difficult situations, come out of bad scandal or infamy.
Uttara kaanda Any act of Joy or Rejoicing, Before beginning a journey or expedition it gives success. Gets you victory/success in this and after life also

You can read any version of Raamayana, A good recommendation from my side is Valmiki Ramayana Published from Gita Press ( . It has both sanskrit and english translation in two volumes. The above notes have been taken from the same book. It has good Mantra for each section of Ramaayana. 

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Sanjay P
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