Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Friday, July 07, 2017

Jyotish Measurement Units

|| Om Gurave Namah ||

Dear Jyotishas,
Here I will try to list the common units used in Jyotish text books.
Sanjay P

Unit:घटिक ghaṭika Ghatika, 
Other Names: Nadi, Nadika, Naligai(Tamil)
Description: Approximate time for water to drain from a water pot. A day is divided in 60 Parts of 24 ghatikas.
Equivalent: 24 Minutes

Sub Unit:विघटिक vighaṭika vighatika
Description :  60th portion of Ghatika, Usually the prefix "vi" in mathematical units is to indicate 60th portion,
Equivalent: 24 Seconds

Unit: पल pala (As unit of Time)
Description:  A Vighatika is also called a Pala, so it's also 60th portion of Ghatika.
Equivalent: 24 Seconds.

Sub Unit: विपल vipala
Description: 60th portion of Pala.
Equivalent: 0.4 Seconds.

Unit: असु asu (as unit of time)
Description: 10 Vipala makes a asu
Equivalent: 4 Seconds.

Unit: प्राण prāṇa (as unit of time). 
Description: 1/6 of Vinadi or 10 Vipala, Same as Asu. Approximately equal to one breath cycle time. 
Equivalent: 4 Seconds.

From Surya Siddanta 
1.28  Sixty seconds (vikalaa) make a minute (kalaa); sixty of these, a degree (bhaaga); of thirty of the latter is composed a sign (raashi); twelve of these are a revolution (bhagana).

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