Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Karaka Tithi, Kundalini, Spirituality

Namaste friends,

> Kundalini, is an experience from what I gather. I may be assuming this
> and will keep in mind that I may be wrong. For now, if I assume
> Kundalini to be an experience, then, it is an experience of the cosmic
> mind and breaking of the individual mind that the Ego calls its own.
> In that sense, the identification increases.
> In essence, kundalini can be an experience but not a "cause" for
> Realization.

From the little I know, Kundalini awakening is an experience that MAY lead to
Realization after more sadhana (possibly extending to several lives). It does
not guarantee Realization right away. A dwaitic God-realization can come only
when Kundalini reaches ishta devata in Hritpadma and becomes fixed there. An
adwaitic self-realization can come only when Kundalini reaches Sahasrara and
becomes fixed there. All these are a long way from a mere Kundalini awakening.
One with clean nadis may experience a spontaneous Kundalini rise immediately
after the first awakening, but it may not be sustainable.

Kundalini awakening is not an end goal. It is an intermediate step and
Realization is the end goal.

Kundalini management is best left to one's ishta devata (atleast upto Anahata)
and one is better off not worrying about Kundalini and surrendering oneself to
one's ishta devata without any expectations. That may be a slower approach than
some vaamachaara practices, but it is a saattwik, safe and steady approach.

When you meditate, do not become fixated on Kundalini rise. That fixation can
only be a distraction. It requires several lives of sadhana. Depending on your
past, it may happen after one more day or after one more life. So take it easy
and have no expectations.

> Coming back to the Jyotish fundamentals behind the same, I still need
> the knowledge
> 1. Role of Atmakaraka in Kundalini Awakening
> 2. What breaks the association with the dwandhas (pairs of opposites)
> I request this knowledge from the knowers of it.

Though I am not a "knower", but only a "seeker" of knowledge, let me share one

As you correctly suspected, Atma karaka is very important. It is thru the
individual soul that one's consciousness perceives the universal soul.

While Sun and Moon show the universal soul and the mind, I was taught that atma
karaka (AK) and amatya karaka (AmK) show the individual soul and the individual
consciousness. Just as you find a tithi from the longitudes of Sun and Moon, you
can find a "karaka tithi" from the longitudes of AK and AmK. Just as the normal
tithi physically shows the phase of Moon and how much of Sun's light Moon is
reflecting, this karaka tithi shows the phase of individual consciousness and
how much of the light held by the soul is reflected by the consciousness.

As per tradition, this karaka tithi is supposed to be important for the native's
spirituality. It throws light into the purpose of creation of the person. Its
lord controls the spiritual well-being of the person.

In the charts of most of the mystics, you will find an association between the
lord of the karaka tithi and the 8th house in D-20 or atleast navamsa.

* * *

> Ketu representing sudden changes/quick movement which is very
> symptomatic of the Vata dosha; when transiting lagna(which also
> represents the head) leads to Vata aggravation. If you had headache
> or a gripping sensation at the back of the head, then it is confirmed
> a sign of Vata aggravation.(headaches in the temporal region/top are
> due to pitta and that around the sinuses/forehead are usually due to
> kapha)
> The physical cause(not the astral cause)as per ayurveda is
> aggravation of toxins in the large intestine, most of the time
> leading to constipation or poor bowel movement. The cure for this is
> not to take vata aggravating foods, to take trifala before bednight,
> vata pacifying foods which are well cooked and special herbs such as
> Ashwagandha (as per the advice of an ayurvedic practitioner). It
> looks like this was only a temporary malady for you and has gone by
> now.
> Thank you for sharing this. I will research more on Ketu transitting
> Lagna. If this is OK with you, could share what house and sign Natal
> Ketu is in and how far it from from the Lagna lord in the natal.
> Best regards,
> -Vijay

Sateesh is running the Dwisaptati sama dasa of Sun. Sun is in the 8th house in
Aries in rasi chart. In D-6, he is the exalted 6th lord. Even as per Paryaaya
dasa of D-6, Aries dasa is running now and Aries contains exalted 6th lord in

My feeling is that Sateesh may have an aggravated pitta. Dizziness can come due
to vaata or pitta. If one is dizzy and feels as though surroundings are
unstable/moving, it is said to be due to vaata. If one is dizzy and feels as
though surroundings are stable and only he/she is unstable/moving, then it is
said to be due to aggravated pitta in majja dhaatu (nerve marrow).

Based on a quick look at Sateesh's chart, my gut feeling is that he has
aggravated pitta. For pitta related dizziness, Skullcap and Brahmi are good

In general, Sateesh should take good care of his health during Sun-Venus

May Jupiter's light shine on us,
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