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Agni Mantra

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tennis Heroine Sania Mirza

Tennis Heroine Sania Mirza

Namaskaar AllSania Mirza Leaning,

Here are the birth details of Sania Mirza.

15 November 1986
11:28 AM
Mumbai (Bombay), India

This chart has some exceptional yogas. Currently running Sun Mahadasha and Mars antara. It would be nice to analyze her chart and see how her exceptional career goes from here on.

Does anyone has Maria Sharapova's chart?

Thanks and Regards

Namaskaar All

The first time I got was from a member of All India Tennis Association.

However, upon asking of some members, I finally spoke to Ms. Naseena Mirza - Sania's mother today. She was kind enough to give me her birth time. The correct time of her birth is 14:30 Hrs.

I apologize for all the confusion I may have caused. We can analyze her chart now that we have the correct time of birth.

Thanks and Regards

Jy. Sri PVR Narasimha's views

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Sania Mirza
Date: November 15, 1986
Time: 14:30:00
Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 72 E 50' 00", 18 N 58' 00"
Mumbai, India
Lunar Yr-Mo: Kshaya - Karthika
Tithi: Sukla Chaturdasi (Ve) (5.45% left)
Vedic Weekday: Saturday (Sa)
Nakshatra: Bharani (Ve) (77.17% left)
Yoga: Vyatipata (Ra) (9.42% left)
Karana: Vanija (Ve) (10.91% left)
Hora Lord: Saturn (5 min sign: Li)
Mahakala Hora: Saturn (5 min sign: Sg)
Kaala Lord: Jupiter (Mahakala: Jupiter)
Sunrise: 6:49:24
Sunset: 17:56:52
Janma Ghatis: 19.1916
Ayanamsa: 23-40-19.52

by Sanjay Prabhakaran

Charakaaraka Analysis
The Atmakaaraka(Ak) is the King of the Chart. Mars is the Ak for her chart. Mars is the 3rd and 10th lord. For sports persons 3rd bhaava is very important as 3rd is the bhaava for Parakrama (Victory and strength). During dasa of 3rd Lord people usually do lots of excerise or such activity for stregnthening the body. In her chart 3rd is the Atmakaaraka so it's a main theme in here life. It's involvment with 10th give her a profession related to the same.

Jupiter in her lagna gives her much fame and Also since Graha Arudha of lagna(self) lord is with Jupiter so people percieve her to be very famous. AL has no influence of Jupiter and hence she personally does not wish to be famous. The same Jupiter in Lagna gives her good featured body.

Bhraatri Kaaraka (Higher Advisors) and AmK (Ministers/Professional helpers) are Mercury and Sun respectively in 9th. Hence her father was the most important Advisor and Minister in her life. Moreso because Sun is in the 9th house. Her D12 Lagna also has Ak mars in Lagna and LL with 9th union setting importance of her father.

Body Longitude Nakshatra Pada Rasi Navamsa
Sun - AmK 29 Li 01' 56.41" Visa 3 Li Ge
Mars - AK 29 Cp 10' 14.97" Dhan 2 Cp Vi

There is a very important Charakaaraka replacement. This is happening in her chart between the Sun and Mars. Mars indicates Age of 28 (Yr:2014), which changes her entire theme of her life. The new focus becomes Sun. Sun lords the 7th Bhaava in her chart, for relationships and spouce. Thus after age 28 the focus can shift from her 3rd and 10th bhaava to her 7th bhaava. Changes in her relationships is evident.

The New Atmakaaraka Sun is also debilitated unlike here Mars which is exalted until her 28th year. Hence there is much chance that she may change profession after this.

Panchanga Analysis
  1. Saturn is the Vaara lord (weekday lord) and is well posited in 10th, whose dispositer is exalted. Hence it gives her good health and vitality.
  2. Tithi Lord is Venus, shows here relationships.
  3. Bharani Nakshatra Lord is Venus, Indicates the most important Karma one has to Do or Undergo in persons lifetime. This is also in 9th, conjoined her Sun which is Ak after her 28th Age,
  4. Karana Lord which indicates profession is also Venus in 9th, Hence her 28th year will be most important in her life bringing change in profession.
  5. Yoga Lord is Rahu indicates the factor which will bring about the unions and solutions in her life. Of many things signified by Rahu. Foreign places are one of them.
Hora lord as saturn in parivartana with 12th house Mars indicates Foriegn places could be most important theme setter in her life.
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