Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Lagnamshaka Dasa

|| Om Gurave Namah ||

Answer to Question Below

Dear Prashanth,
Atmakaaraka association with 11th is an important yoga for Learning jyotish. Your Atmakaaraka is Sun, present in 11th Hence this combination will help you to develop your Jyotish knowledge.

Seek a Jyotish Guru on whom you will have confidence to learn Jyotish better. Till the time you get confidence you can continue reading Dr. BV Raman's Books and Pt. Sanjay Rath's books you have bought. Rely solely on Rishiis in your learnings.

Now, to give you an idea about your Jyotish Learning. Let me tell you about Lagnamsaka Dasa (Refer Narayana Dasa Book for details).

Lagnamsaka dasa is one of the important dasa indicate your progress in Dhi Shakti, Understand Each dasa to be like a time cycle which controls a certain aspect in your life. Lagnamsaka dasa shows how Time controls your Dhi Shakti.
The Following Chart factors are very important to understand Dhi Shakti,
1. Jupiter, The Natural Kaaraka for Dhi.
2. Lord of Sign (Aadhi pati, Means Lord of Dhi) is intellegence for the Sign. Particularly Lord of Lagna indicates your intelligence and protects the native. For
3. Sun, Sun is the Kaaraka for Lagna and gives self knowledge, Jupiter is higher cycle of Sun.

Taking in factor the above consider your chart to time your progress in your Dhi shakti,

|Ke | | |JuR |
| | | | |
| | | | |
| | | | |
| | | | |
|HL Md | |Ma |
|Gk | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
|-----------| Rasi |-----------|
| | |Sa |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
|As Mo |Me |Su Ve |Ra GL |
| | | |AL |
| | | | |
| | | | |
| | | | |

Lagnamsaka Dasa from D-9 chart (a versatile phalita rasi dasa):

Maha Dasas:

Sc: 1977-11-14 (10:35:00 am) - 1981-11-14 (11:16:19 am)
Ge: 1981-11-14 (11:16:19 am) - 1986-11-14 (6:03:60 pm)
Cp: 1986-11-14 (6:03:60 pm) - 1991-11-15 (12:44:13 am)
Le: 1991-11-15 (12:44:13 am) - 2000-11-14 (8:16:54 am)
Pi: 2000-11-14 (8:16:54 am) - 2009-11-14 (3:34:56 pm)
Li: 2009-11-14 (3:34:56 pm) - 2021-11-14 (5:25:19 pm)

Ta: 2021-11-14 (5:25:19 pm) - 2026-11-15 (12:06:25 am)
Sg: 2026-11-15 (12:06:25 am) - 2032-11-14 (1:11:24 pm)
Cn: 2032-11-14 (1:11:24 pm) - 2039-11-15 (8:08:28 am)
Aq: 2039-11-15 (8:08:28 am) - 2044-11-14 (3:00:09 pm)
Vi: 2044-11-14 (3:00:09 pm) - 2054-11-15 (4:30:00 am)
Ar: 2054-11-15 (4:30:00 am) - 2056-11-14 (4:48:41 pm)
Sc: 2056-11-14 (4:48:41 pm) - 2064-11-14 (5:57:56 pm)
Ge: 2064-11-14 (5:57:56 pm) - 2071-11-15 (1:06:59 pm)

In your Chart, Lagna Lord is Jupiter. Hence Jupiter plays a very important role for your intelligence development,

Usually in the following dasas of Lagnamaska dasa is very important,

1. Sign Having Lagna Lord. This gives tremendous change in person's intellegence. The person goes rapid change in thinking and opinions about the world.
2. Sign Having Jupiter. The Person tries to understand Dharma. The person tries to learn various scriptures and implement them. The person could take some dharmic habits.
3. Sign Having Sun. The Sun is natural Atmakaaraka, Hence the person may undergo soul searching. Atma Remembers everything and hence causes the Dhi(Intelligence) to manifest. A person may read Bhagavata geeta in this period.

For other signs understand the intelligence development using the Lord of the Sign and Bhaava.

Now, Refer your chart above. Your are running Pisces dasa since 2000 to 2009. Pisces lord is Jupiter and Also the Lagna Lord, Rashi aspects the Gemini. Hence This dasa made you learn Dharma, Jyotish etc. This is a very good time for you to continue learning.
The Next dasa is of Libra, Having Sun (The Natural and Temproary Atmakaaraka in your chart). Hence your progress in Jyotish after 2009 is will be very good. This is for sure.

Warm Regards
Sanjay P

On 5/30/06, praskam wrote:

Sarvebhyo Gurubhyo namaha.

Dandavat pranaams.

I'm fully conscious of my unfitness to open my mouth in such a
learned assembly. But still I want to raise an important question.
Over a year ago I developed an interest in astrology, due to my
cousin who was kind enough to give me an introduction to the subject.
Since then I have purchased and read a number of books including
Sanjay ji's Crux of Vedic Astrology, which I found to be very
advanced. So, my condition now is that I have a number of facts
collected in my head with near zero ability to read a horoscope - and
this after a year of effort. I have great respect for astrology. I
have seen with awe some things, which could never have been guessed,
being read from a horoscope.

In his book 'My Experiences in Astrology' (and else where too), the
late Dr. B V Raman stresses the importance of intuition in making
correct predictions. He says knowing a lot of techniques is fine, but
intuition is the key. In fact, too heavy a reliance on mathematical
techniques may mar the intuition. Even in his books, he relies almost
solely on the Vimshottari dasa system and on Rasi/Navamsa charts -
without recourse to Jaimini techniques or referring to shadbala etc.
He however doesn't say anything about how to develop intuition -
except to say that practice of 'certain' (he doesn't specify) mantras
will help the process.

Additionally, I have also read from his books that Mercury should be
strongly placed to gain knowledge of astrology. He says that Me
should be placed in a quardrant. Or Su/Me conjunction in the second

I finally come to the question. Given my horoscope, do I have any
chance of developing this intuition? As you will see, Me is in 12
house in both rasi and navamsa.

Date: 14/11/1977
Place: Udupi, Karnataka (74 E 23, 13 N 13)
Time: 10:35 am

I apologize for the rambling nature of this mail. I will be blessed
by any guidance.

Warm regards,
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