Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Thursday, June 08, 2006


|| Om gurave Namah ||

Please help this native who is my uncle's son to give an astrological
guidance on his career path.

He has miserably failed in his 10th class exam. Yes, he has failed in
all subjects.

Important event in his lift: He lost his father when he was 8 years

His birth details:

DOB: 01.03.1990
TOB: 4.04 am
POB: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Please help him with your guidance / predictions please.
| |Mo | |Ju |
| | | | |
| | | | |
| | | | |
| | | | |
|Su Me | |Ke |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
|-----------| Rasi |-----------|
|As Ve | |GL |
|Ra Md | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
|Ma Sa |AL | | |
|HL Gk | | | |
| | | | |
| | | | |
| | | | |

Dear Ashwin,

The Boy is having curse of Father, Hence is in trouble. Once this curseperiod over he will be better.

For Those interested in Jyotish analysis, I give the reasons below,

Curse: Any two of the three malefics Mars(Anger), Saturn(Sorrow) and Rahu(Shock/Cheating) aspecting by Graha drishti any two of Kaarka and Bhava or Bhava Lord constitutes a curse. In Curse the Saturn ruled houses gives trouble.

Father Kaaraka Sun : Is Aspected by Rahu (2nd house aspect of Rahu) and Saturn (3rd aspect)
Kaaraka Bhava 9: Is Aspected by Rahu (9th aspect) and Saturn (10th aspect).
Kaaraka Bhava Lord, 9th Lord: Is with Sun hence like gets aspects from Rahu and Saturn

The Moola Dashas shows curses fructifications,

Moola Dasa (dasa showing the root of events - past karma):

Rah MD: 1990-03-01 (4:04:00 am) - 2007-03-01 (12:37:54 pm)

Antardasas in this MD:

Rah: 1990-03-01 (4:04:00 am) - 1993-07-12 (11:16:35 am)
Ven: 1993-07-12 (11:16:35 am) - 1995-09-16 (6:43:12 am)
Ket: 1995-09-16 (6:43:12 am) - 1996-04-16 (3:37:60 am)
Moon: 1996-04-16 (3:37:60 am) - 1998-01-27 (2:15:01 am)
Sat: 1998-01-27 (2:15:01 am) - 2001-06-07 (10:13:57 am)
Mars: 2001-06-07 (10:13:57 am) - 2002-01-10 (4:04:13 pm)
Jup: 2002-01-10 (4:04:13 pm) - 2004-01-02 (11:10:54 pm)
Sun: 2004-01-02 (11:10:54 pm) - 2005-03-09 (8:55:34 am)
Merc: 2005-03-09 (8:55:34 am) - 2007-03-01 (12:37:54 pm)

In Rahu Maha dasa and Saturn Antardasa the Father of the native died due to the above mentioned curse. Since Saturn rules the natives, Lagna His intelligence is affected, Which is causing him to fair badly in exams.

As you can see the Dasa ends in 2007/03, And Venus dasa starts. Venus is Yoga kaaraka for the native and will do well for the native in Lagna. You can expect him to do good after 2007/03 exams.

Tell him to go to Ganesha Temple regularly, And recite the below given Naarada Stotra regularly.

Warm Regards
Sanjay P

Dear Shri Sanjay ji ,
What are the aspects of Rahu .. Aren't these 5,7,9,12.. Getting to know about 2nd aspect for the first time...
What if one of these planets (Suppose Rahu aspects Saturn/Mars) ,is it also a curse??
Do we see curses by the planets(aspect on jupitor,sun etc) Or by aspect on Houses too.. Or we take combined effect..

Waiting for your esteemed reply..

|| Om Gurave Namah ||

Dear Amit,

Not everybody can curse you, Only people who have done good to you can curse you. The Natural law has to be violated for the curse to take effect on you. Hence malefic grahas cannot curse you. How can road side begger curse you for not giving him money?.

People who generally do good in society are represented by,

1. Moon: Mother, No explantion needed.

2. Venus: Good Spouce, Who sacrifices for many things for the individual, out of passion for native.

3. Jupiter: Elders, Gurus Who wish your well being, and provide many comforts like wealth, children, guidance and confidence during bad times.

4. Mercury: Relatives, Social friends, Who do you many small errands. Curse of Mercury is like Vishnu's Curse. When one has little or no relatives/friends. If present they could be really be given much trouble.

4. Sun: Father and authority, Who set rules for your and societies well being. Usually Sun does not literally 'curse', But it sets the rules and punishments if
broken. Trouble with father,. authority or children occurs due to this.

5. Ketu: Tapasvi's, Or renunciate monks or muni's. Ketu also does not acutally 'curse', Since it has eschewed personal level emotions. Ketu usually causes a person to mistakenly do a harm to rishi or someone like that (Read Puraanas to understand more). The curse from Ketu is usually caused by mistake (No eyes/head). But the trouble so generated leads to knowledge/gyaana or social well in general.

For The curse to be present, Firstly the above mentioned kaaraka has to be afflicted by Graha Drishti. since Curse usually leads to lot of Emotional turmoils.
Curse is only caused if the native generates Anger, Shock(due to cheating etc) or sorrow. Graha drishti of Mars, Rahu and Saturn indicates the places where the native generates these emtions on his/her surroundings.

So Atleast two of these bad emotions has to be generated by the native. Use Rahu's drishti 2,5,7,9. Acutally rahu aspects 12,9,7,5 in reverse order due to retrograde nature. Which becomes 2,5,7,9 when counted in forward.

If it's confimed that any of the above mentioned kaaraka is afflicted then look at the aspects on either the kaarka bhaava or kaaraka lord to see if the persons emotions, actions, environments are also trouble to confirm the curse. Then Use moola dasha to time the periods of sufferings.

Warm Regards
Sanjay P
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