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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Name Mumbai/Bombay ?

Bombay bunkum!: "Bombay bunkum!
By: Ketan Ranga and Deepak Lokhande
June 20, 2006

Flood control: Astrologers say calamities like 26/7 last year, will continue for seven-and-a-half years
The name Mumbai is unlucky for the city. In fact, leading astrologers say (without a trace of irony), 2005 saw the beginning of the Shani dosh (Saturn rules the city making it unlucky), which will continue for the next seven-and-a-half years.

This means Mumbai will undergo a series of calamities. Illustrating their point, astrologers say floods, leptospirosis, malnutrition and a stock exchange crash, which began last year, proves what the stars foretell. The solution? Changing the name back to Bombay.

Bombay lucky

Said astrologer Bejan Daruwala, “I feel the name Bombay is better than Mumbai. If the city wants to progress, it’s correct to say that the name Bombay is 100 times better than Mumbai.”

Added astro-numerologist R D Pala, “Venus is the ruling planet for Bombay under Taurus. Whereas Saturn (Shani) rules under Leo in the case of Mumbai for seven-and-half years. This is called a Sade saati. Natural calamities have increased and are expected to increase. Saturn causes sufferings and therefore it is advisable to rename Mumbai as Bombay.”

Proud of new name

Former chief minister Manohar Joshi, who ushered in the name change in 1995 said, “It just shows that some people are still not accustomed to the fact that Bombay has been renamed Mumbai. The name change of the city was in tune with Maharashtra’s culture and any Maharashtrian should be proud of it. I believe, those who really love Mumbai and Maharashtra are proud of the new name.”

He says the misfortune surrounding the name change is humbug. “I simply don’t believe in such superstitions. How can we say that the city is going through a bad phase after the name change? Was it better before the name change? On the contrary, I strongly believe that the city, slowly but surely, is being developed.”


Om Gurave Namah

Dear Friends,

my own opinion

mumbai={530}=035=11= Aquarius

Assigning Katpayaadi numerals to alphabets (neglecting half sounds).

ma = 5

bombay={440}=044=8= Scorpio

bha= 4

Mumbai=Aquarius being Natural 11th house and trines to Libra is good for financial well being of the city. Libra is a fruitful sign having blessings of Mahalakshmi. In fact the current transit of Saturn in 6th from Aquarius is good.
I am sure the matters of flood etc can be explained by Annual Chart for India of that particular year. Please refer my earlier post on similar topic on Annual Charts.

So The New name should prove better than scorpio, which natural 8th house, not suitable for finance matters.

Warm Regards
Sanjay P
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