Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sri Jagannatha Panchanga

|| Om Gurave Namah ||
Dear Friends,
For you information,
A code google project site has been created for Sri Jagannatha Panchanga. Please feel to download and test the version 2 alpha version.

Sanjay P

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sir,

Here is Sunil Patel from Ahmedabad.
I have very deep faith on Indian Astrology but to be honest i haven't found any Good Astrologer...

I would come to you immediately after getting some feedback from you about my past...
Cause i believe if you can predict my past correctly then i am ready to put my all faith on you.

I have lot many questions to ask about Future...but i will be very thank ful to you if you can predict my past.

Birth Details:
Name : Sunil Patel
Location : Ahmedabad
Time: 10.35 am
Date: 28th Novemember ' 1979

Eagerly waiting for your positive Response.
I am ready to pay whatever charges after getting satisfactory answer about past.

Sunil Patel