Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Tuesday, July 01, 2014


|| Om Gurave Namah ||

Dear Friends,
 I was just reading an article about Hongkong

And did some reading about it's history,
Transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Below is the chart on the day of handover of HongKong,
From the Wikipedia, It seems that the handover was effective from Zero Hours on July 1st. So assuming this time is accurate let me proceed. So please excuse any shortcomings in my observations below, your opinions and corrections are always welcome.

What is very striking in the above chart is that, The handover happened when lagna is having an Ashubha yoga with Saturn. Also Saturn is Marana kaaraka staana with Mars in 7th also in Marana kaaraka staana. This combination was also seen earlier in Iraq chart which led to lots of tensions. Kendras are having only malefics so there is Sarpa Yoga. Saturn and Mars yoga is also called Yama yoga, Yama is lord of control and guardian of the nether worlds and strick control. Sarpa or snakes indicates dormant desires becoming poisonous. So this combination is bad. So lets check the dasas,

Vimsottari Dasa:

 Maha Dasas:

 Ven:  1979-08-16  -  1999-08-17
 Sun:  1999-08-17  -  2005-08-16
 Moon:  2005-08-16  -  2015-08-17
 Mars:  2015-08-17  -  2022-08-16
 Rah:  2022-08-16  -  2040-08-16
 Jup:  2040-08-16  -  2056-08-16
 Sat:  2056-08-16  -  2075-08-17
 Merc:  2075-08-17  -  2092-08-16
 Ket:  2092-08-16  -  2099-08-17

Mars dasa is coming and below is the dasa entry chart to see the status of Mars on entry. We have already noted that Mars is involved in two bad yogas. The entry indicates Mars is in debility, More than that I think the presence of Rahu Ketu on natal yama yoga seems bad.

Lets check the Narayana Dasa, Which indicates the environments.

Narayana Dasa of D-1 chart (a versatile phalita rasi dasa):

 Maha Dasas:

 Vi:  1997-07-01  -  2000-06-30
 Cp:  2000-06-30  -  2010-07-01
 Ta:  2010-07-01  -  2012-06-30
 Ge:  2012-06-30  -  2024-06-30
 Li:  2024-06-30  -  2033-07-01

Currently it's running Gemini dasa, But not the entry period chart for Gemini, The lagna rising is 8th from Gemini so it's not favouring, But worse seems the presence of Yama yoga i.e Saturn + Mars in Virgo in entry period.

So lets keep on eye on Hongkong and see if these charts are accurate.
Warm Regards,
Sanjay P

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