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Agni Mantra

Monday, April 27, 2015

Muhurtha: 21 great evils (ekavimsati mahadoshas)

|| Om gurave namah ||
Dear Jyotiashas,
 Dr. B.V Raman in his Muhurtha book has mentioned about 

21 great evils (ekavimsati mahadoshas) which needs to avoided for all important ceremonies. Attached is the list

Panchanga Suddhi
Avoid tithi (Lunar Day): 4, 6,8,12,14, Full and New
Avoid Day: Tuesdays (Except for Naamakarana)
Avoid Nakshatra : Bharani, Krittika
Avoid Yoga: Atiganda(6),Shoola(9), Ganda(10),Vyatipaata(17),Vaidhruthi(27).
Avoid Karana: Bhadra(Vishiti)(Except of Shudra mantra/karma),
Surya Sankramana Dosha
Solar Ingress out of/into a rashi.
16Ghati before and after i.e 6hours24Mins before and after
Karthari Dosha.
two evil planets are placed on either side of the Lagna
Shashtashta Riphagatha Chandra Dosha.
Moon should invariably be avoided in the 6th, 8th and 12th houses from the Lagna rising in an election chart
Sagraha Chandra Dosha.
The Moon's association with any other planet, benefic or malefic, should be avoided. This injunction is specially applicable in case of marriage.
Udayasta Suddhi.
The Lagna and the seventh should be strong. The Lagna should be occupied by its own lord and the Navamsa Lagna by its own lord or vice versa or lord of Lagna should aspect Navamsa Lagna and vice versa. Similarly the seventh and the lord of the seventh Bhava should be favourably disposed. The strength of Lagna and the seventh is necessary in all elections but especially so in regard to marriage
In regard to the diurnal muhurtha, the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 15th are inauspicious while in nocturnai muhurthas the 1st. 2nd, 6th and 7th are inauspicious. (Divide the day/night into 15 parts(appx 48mins) and avoid the above portions, Names of each portion should be learnt from standard texts)
Also Sunday coinciding with the 14th (Aryama); Monday the 8th (Vidhi) and the 12th (Naktanchara); Tuesday the 4th (Prtru) and the 11th (Vahni); Wednesday (Abhijit); Thursday the 12th (Naktanchara) and 13th (Varuna); Friday'the 4th (Pitru) and the 8th (Vidhi) and Saturday the 1st (Rudra) and the 2nd (Ahi).
 The last 2 ghatis (48 minutes) of the 5th, 10th and 15th (Full Moon) and the first 2 ghatis of the 6th, 11th and 1st (dark half) lunar days go under tithigandanthara and they should be rejected for all new works. Similarly, the last 2 degrees of Cancer. Scorpio and Pisces and the first 2 degrees of Leo, Sagittarius and Aries are inauspicious. The last ghatis of Aslesha, Jyeshta, Moola, Revati and Aswini and the first four ghatis of Makha should be avoided as injurious for good work.
Malefics should not be strong in shadvargas in an election chart.
Bhrigu Shatka.
The position of Venus in the 6th is injurious. This is especially so in regard to marriage. Even when Venus is exalted and associated with benefics, such a disposition is not approved.
Mars should be avoided in the 8th house, as it indicates destruction of the object in view. In a marriage election chart. Mars in the 8th is unthinkable. Even if Mars is otherwise powerful, he should not occupy the 8th house.
Ashtama Lagna Dosha.
In selecting a time for marriage, the Lagna ascending should not happen to be the 8th from the Janma Lagna of the bride and the bridegroom.
Rasi Visha Ghatika.
there are  negative periods of different Lagnas (Lagna Thyajya). They are to be rejected for all auspicious work.
Kunavamsa Dosha.
The Lagna selected for an auspicious work should not occupy the Navamsa of a malefic.
Certain weekdays are to be avoided for certain special activities.
Grahanothpatha Dosha.
Grahana+Uthpaatha Dosha.
The constellations in which the eclipses appear should be avoided, and in regard to marriage, such a constellation should be avoided for six months.
Ekargala Dosha.
This dosha is powerful only during the daytime. Affects matters started under certain yogas such as Vishkhambam. We need not go into details as it is not of much significance.
Krura Samyuta Dosha.
The constellation occupied by the Sun at a given moment, and the one immediately preceding and succeeding it have to be deemed unpropitious for all good work and they should be rejected for purposes of marriage.
Akalagharjitha Vrishti Dosha.
Akaala+gharjitha)+Vrishti Dosha.
When there is rainfall and thunder, out of season, such days should be deemed unfit for all good work.
Mahapatha Dosha.
When the Sun and, the Moon are equally removed from the equator upon the same side of it, the aspect is known as Vyatipata, which indicates excess of evil. This is held to be unfavourable for all good work.
Vaidhruthi Dosha
 This is also an evil aspect (yoga) and should be avoided in all favourable activities.


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