Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Shree Jayanti

|| Om Namo Bhagavate Vaasudevaaya ||

Shree Krishna's Birth is called Shree Jayanti.

The following is the panchanga details of Krishna's Birth.

Nakshatra: Rohini 4th Pada
Karana: Kaulava
Yoga: Harshana
Tithi: Krishna Ashtami (K8)
Vaara : Wednesday

The above is the Chart of Shree Krishna. Jyotisha Narasimhan in his Kaala-prakaashika has given the above details of Lord Krishna's birth.

Lagna has strong moon indicating that Krishna is an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Vishnu's avatar has strong Moon. Moon is the indicator of Sustenance. And Vishnu sustaines this world. Sustenance is bought by maintaining Dharma. If you note even Lord Rama had a strong moon on in his Cancer Lagna.

Arudha Lagna with Pisces indicates presence in this world Like a sage. Exalted mercury aspecting Arudha Lagna indicates the great Vedanta Upanishad like Bhagavata Geeta to this world. Mercury makes the person be remembered by some literary work.

Moon and Sun two satvic Planets in 3rd and 6th from Arudha Lagna indicates his peaceful nature. Infact Moon in 3rd from Arudha Lagna gave him the name of "Ranchor" the one who robbed away from War. He is known for running away from war to maintain Dwarka.

Sun in 4th house, indicates his early seperation from Mother. Signs occupied by Sun can give Seperation. Sun indicates soul and in one Kshetra (Body) only one soul can remain. Kshetra also means a Sign.

Lagna Lord in Venus in Marana Karaka Staana gave him main dangers to his life in his childhood. Marana Kaaraka staana graha also makes the person move from one place to another to avoid trouble. This happened to Krishna where his birth place of residence was also attacked many times.

Mercury in 5th is Exalted and Shishya Arudha also falls in Gemini also owned by exalted Mercury indicates Arjuna. The very intelligent student. Exalted Planets in 1st or 7th from Arudha causes lasting fame and Krishna is known most for His updesha to Arjuna on Bhagavata Geeta.

Upapada is in Cancer with Exalted Jupiter and Rahu in it. Exalted UL lord indicates that spouce is from royal family. Also Rahu in UL indicates many. Krishna had marry the widowed wives of many kings to give them good respect in society. Jupiter indicates this benevolent nature.

Narayana Dasa for Shree Krishna
Ta: 5 Years, 0 to 5
Sg: 8 Years, 5 to 13 age
Cn: 3 Years, 13 to 16 age
Aq: 8 Years, 16 to 24 age
Vi: 12 years, 24 to 36 age
Ar: 10 years, 36 to 46 age
Sc: 3 Years, 46 to 49 age
Ge: 4 Years, 49 to 53 age
Cp: 4 Year, 53 to 57 Age
Le: 12 years, 57 to 69 age
Pi: 9 Years, 69 yo 78 Age
Li: 12 Years, 78 to 90 Age
Dasa repeats by -12

To give an example, The first dasa was ruled by Taurus for 5 Years.
Dividing in 3 parts we get 1yr 8 months each. Being a prishotodaya sign. The sign will give the results in last 3rd part. Venus is in Shirshodaya sign and 1st part will be ruled by Venus. The middle part the aspects on Sign Taurus will be seen.
So as soon as he was born the marana kaaraka Venus shows it's results. He was having danger to life from many evils. Since it was in 6th house for Relatives. It's was his Maamaa (Mother's Brother 3rd from 4th) who was causing these evils.

So on we can understand all the dasa.
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