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Agni Mantra

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Yoga Basics

> Dear SanjayP-ji,
> Namaskar. I read your nice analysis
(as quoted below) in vedic astrology group. One question.
> I think the query was about Graha Malika Yoga and it is different that Maalaa Yoga (listed in Nabhasa Yogas). Unlike
> Maalaa Yoga, GMY can include Ra/Ke in the chain. If not, kindly correct me. I am lacking thorough understanding of
> GMY although I have seen Sanjay-ji refer to this in this list. It seems the bhava which is at the tail of the chain (or Malika)
> is getting the focus. And the bhava at the head of the chain is initiating.
> I had detailed my questions earlier in this list (Message # 2076), however, I
didn't receive any reply. Kindly educate me on this topic.
> Best wishes,
> Sourav"

|| Om Gurave Namah ||
Namaste Sourav,

I was trying to get from basics. The Graha mallika yoga is more derived level yoga whose basics can be understood from Naabhasa yogas combinations. My whole effort was to say that there are thousands of yoga combinations. But they should begin from basics understanding. In that sense Graha Mallika yoga is derived from basic Naabhasa yoga. I
did not confuse between Maalaa yoga and Graha mallika yoga. Naabhasa yoga includes both Maalaa and Aakriti yoga. The Graha mallika is a sub class from the Aakriti yoga. The sequence of Yoga chapters given in Parasara are foundation for all Yoga analysis. So that my attempt in the previous mail.

Let me explain further my understandings on Yoga,

There are thousands of yoga possible, Primarily try to get the yogas classified from one of Paarashara yoga if possible.

Let me try to explain this better.

Yoga mean Union. Union means between Sun and moon. So all combinations are creation of Shiva Shakti.

So Primarily understand the position of Sun and moon,

1. Solar Yoga - Veshi and Voshi etc yoga
2. Lunar Yoga - Sunapha, Anapha, Durudhara, Kemadruma, Aadi etc

Thus all yoga are create by Sun and Moon, Just as by their union the moon goes in Shukla and Krishna Paksha the world and individual goes into the same.

Thus we have two more category,

1. Raaja Yoga: Like Shukla paksha
2. Parivrajya Yoga: Like Krishna paksha where renounciation increases.

Further in Raaja yoga we can classify them by two again by 2 royals, The Sun and moon.
1. Raajya yoga: Sun/Solar
2. Raajasambandha yoga: Royal association: Moon/Lunar.

Now, Just as the whole zodiac was created by Rashi (Sun) and Nakshatra chakra(Moon), Naabhasa mean from Nabha or Umbilical chord. As explained in previous mails. And the Sky (Brahma) created from the Vishnu's navel. The chart can be thought of as 12 Petal Lotus.

Just as Moon creates by 4 Kendras, The Naabhasa yoga is to understand the individual creation. The yoga is also understood in 4 Parts namely.

1. Aashraya Yoga: Rajju,Mussala,Nala (Rope, Rod and Tube). This yoga is like understanding the stalk of the lotus. There are many lotus in a pond. Some drift a lot some stay stationary etc. This depends on the way the stalk of the lotus is bound in the pond. Hence the 3 types of signs represents how the lotus moves about in the pond. It also indicates how the Lotus takes it's nourishments. The stalk is like the Legs of Dharma which always protects the individual and keeps one standing.

For example if the person has more number of planets in Moveable signs the person will move to many places and get the nourshments. If a person has more number of planets in dual sign the person be both moving and non moving. In the sense the person will alway keep one place as his home and then move around. Thus this yoga indicates the Support one gets.

2. Dala Yoga: are 2 type: Maalaa and Sarpa, Garland or Snake. These are like 2 amrita and poison. These two extremes are given as example the inbetween can be deduced. The grahas are classified in 2 categories malefic and benefic. Depending on more of them coming on quadrant the overal experience can be good or bad. This yoga indicates the malefic or benfic experience, malefic and benfic path taken, Understanding destruction and creation etc. The prime focus is on Malefics and Benifics. The malefics gets more power in Krishna Paksha (Waning) and Benefics in Shukla Paksha (Waxing moon). Thus this indicates the two paths taken by the individual. One towards Creation and the other towards Renunciation. Many malefics in quadrant can give a very difficult life and can make the person see the world like "Snake".

3. Aakriti yoga: Aakriti means patterns or forms, They are of 20 Types. If you note these 20 names given are like 20 weapons held in the hand of Durga. They are like providers of resources to fight the battle in life. So these yoga in which even the Graha mallika yoga comes under is like resources to individuals. The identification at naabhasa level gives more idea about the combination. Pay attention to each names and see what the various names or weapons or resources are useful for. The Kendras and patterns around the Kendras will give all the resources needed for the an individuals Profession, Wealth, Partners for Wealth Creation etc. Without these tools one cannot perform anything in these world.

4. Sankhyaa Yoga: They are of 7 types. indicating the 7 Rasa in humans. This indicates the desires of the person. If you note the 1st yoga is called Vallaki, Vallaka means Veena or 7 stringed musical instrument. These allude to Saraswati. The number of houses the 7 graha are spread out indicate the desires and creative potency of individual. 7 is maybe the highest and 1 gola yoga is lowest gives knowledge of renunciation more. So on. It indicates the basics Desires of the individual. The desires lead to creation.

Thus Parasara provides the basic foundation for all Yogas. The 9 Grahas with Lagna can form many different Yoga in each chart. The study should begin with proper understanding and classification of Yogas.

Warm Regards
Sanjay P
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