Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Friday, June 05, 2009

Beeja Mantra's

|| Om Gurave Namah ||

Dear Friends,
Mantra's are foundation principles of Vedas. All the Veda's is nothing but mantras. The mantras are group of phonemes. A Phoneme is a single unit of sound. It consists of a consonant (or single merged consonant) and vowel. Each individual phoneme may not have a literal meanings. They need to be experienced. For example try to repeat the word "Shreem", "Kleem" or "Kreem" (Whichever you prefer) for about 10 to 50 minutes in the morning just before sunrise. And try to experience your mental and physical feelings. This cannot be usually be described in words and hence is imparted only by experiencing.

One should understand that Material Science depends on external Experimenting and Concluding whereas,
Spiritual Science depends on Experiencing and Concluding for verifications.

For beginners in Mantra Shastra, Pt. Sanjay Rath in his Vedic Remedies in Astrology has given meanings of all the phonemes. Which is given below for your learning.

Ruling Planet Simple Syllable Mystical Meaning
SUN Vowels

Guttural Short अ a Raksha Beeja for protection; Imperishable; unity of mind and soul; Symbolizes Omniscient Brahma. Initiator of Pranava (AUM)

Guttural Long आ ā Supreme power, brilliance, creator of Vagdevi Beeja (enhances speech).

Palatal Short इ i Bestows Nectar; imparts knowledge; Sthambhak (arresting evils); infatuating, Armed for eradicating black magic etc.

Palatal Long ई ī

Labial Short उ u The seed of Uccahatan (infatuation) bestows supreme power to attain any desire. Symbolizes Omnipresent Vishnu and the middle of the Pranava.

Labial Long ऊ ū

Retroflex Short ऋ ṛ Bestows Mantra Siddhi as it refers to the Seer or Rishi, Success in all good and righteous works.

Retroflex Long ॠ ṝ

Dental Short ऌ ḷ Preaches truth, inventor of speech, cause for the origin of Lakshmi Beeja; responsible for salvation.

Dental Long ॡ ḹ


Palatal Short ए e Saraswati Beeja; The origin of Jala Beeja (Seed of water); Giver of Vidya (Knowledge) & Siddhi (Success in good actions); Ends enmity and court cases i.e. establishes justice

Palatal Long ऐ ai

Labial Short ओ o Sublime, Worships Vishnu & Lakshmi; youthful; Used for other Beeja with specific objective attainment.

Labial Long औ au Powerful Maran (destructions) and Ucchhatan (infatuation) Beeja, bestows of auspicious results quickly;


Anuswara अं aṁ Bestows faith-the natural Guru Mantra; creates peace, knowledge and represents Godhead.

Visarga अः aḥ Shanti Beeja, Grants boons
MARS Guttural Consonants

Unvoiced क ka Brahma Akshara; grants fame & unparalleled knowledge; Fulfiller of all desires as Kama or Krishna Beeja (Kleem).

Unvoiced aspirate ख kha Aakasha Beeja; Gives success & mastery of Tantra; considered akin to Kalp Vriksha i.e. the wish fulfilling tree.

Voiced ग ga Works towards Pranava and Maya Beeja and is the Ganesha Beeja.

Voiced aspirate घ gha Sthamban Beeja; remover of impediments, creator of Mohan Beeja.

Nasal ङ ṅa Destroyer of enemies. Creator of Vidveshan (Causing differences) Beeja. Used for worshipping Narada.
VENUS Palatal Consonants

Unvoiced च ca Manasa Siddhi; Creator of Uccahhatan Beeja,

Unvoiced aspirate छ cha Creator of Aap Beeja, cause of death, Chhaya the shadowy wife of the Sun God.

Voiced ज ja Invokes inner protection; destroyer of mental and physical sufferings, Mritunjaya Beeja (Jum).

Voiced aspirate झ jha Instantly removes black magic and evils.

Nasal ञ ña Used in Infatuation
MERCURY Retroflex Consonants

Unvoiced ट ṭa Bahri Beeja, Beeja for fire sacrifice. Used in Ucchatan Tantra for Hanuman.

Unvoiced aspirate ठ ṭha Used in Dhoomavati Beeja, doer of cruel and evil deeds; violent,

Voiced ड ḍa Judicious & auspicious

Voiced aspirate ढ ḍha Maran Beeja, creates disturbances.

Nasal ण ṇa Bestows peace & all Siddhi's.
JUPITER Dental Consonants

Unvoiced त ta Attractive, innovator of power, accomplisher of things capable of achieving Sarva Siddhi in combination with Saraswatha Beeja.

Unvoiced aspirate थ tha Accomplisher of good task, friend of Lakshmi Beeja capable of infatuation in combination with other Beeja.

Voiced द da Destroys Karma Yoga and self control The three important lessons of Brahma for the three types of Nakshatra based on which the planets get their Gana (i.e. Deva, Nara and Rakshas Gana) are with DA Akshara as Damaya (Self Control as the Deva Gana are always enjoying in gay abandon) Daana (Donate/ Give as Manusya or Nara Gana are Greedy) and Daya (Be Merciful as the Rakshas Gana are cruel by nature)., Sukra (Desire) Beeja.

Voiced aspirate ध dha Helper of Shreem and Kleem Beeja; a friend indeed; producer of Maaya Beeja.

Nasal न na Indicator of will – power, mind purifier, creator of five elements (Tathwas).
SATURN Labial Consonants

Unvoiced प pa A friend coming for the help of the mind to reach salvation.

Unvoiced aspirate फ pha Kartaveeryarjuna Beeja; Agni Astra (Weapon of Fire); used in Ucchatan as FHAT.

Voiced ब ba Helping to play according to the circumstances.

Voiced aspirate भ bha Used for Maran and Ucchatan.

Nasal म ma Natural Mother (Ma) used in the Mantras for begetting children.
MOON Consonants Semivowel

Palatal य ya Peace giver; Prostration; Vayu (Air) Beeja

Retroflex र ra Vahni/Agni (fire) Beeja; Carries the mantra to the Gods and is used in most Beejakshara e.g. Hraam, Hreem, , Kreem etc. contain RA.

Dental ल la Prithvi (Earth) Beeja; Lakshmi: Used for wealth & prosperity. Causes Agni sthambana (extinguishes the fire of RA Beeja and replaces it with the happy LA Beeja) and carries the prayers to the Gods e.g. Hleem, Kleem etc.

Labial व va Jala (Water) Beeja.

Consonants: Sibilants

Palatal श śa Shanti (Peace) Beeja.

Retroflex ष ṣa Agni Stambhana (Fire extinguisher). Used in black magic etc.

Dental स sa Satya Karma Yoga. When used in Mantra, all works are accomplished.

Consonants: Aspiration

ह ha Gagana (Sky) or Akasha Beeja. It represents Çiva/Hanuman and can remove all evils.

क्ष kṣa Poison Destroyer Garuda Beeja. Used with all mantra that destroy the evil connected with the Nivritti Direction ruled by Rakshas

Warm Regards
Sanjay P

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