Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Dear Sharma ji
Yes, you are right about the sidhamsa changing in 3 minutes. Yu are looking
at the lagna and possible placement of Moon in 12th. As such Moon in chara
rasi in D24 will make the mind wonder around unless stabilised by by slower
planets like Jup. However we have the 4th lord well placed in the 5th house
promising a good schooling and 9th lord Saturn also well placed and having
parivartana with Jupiter. If this chart is right then at the college level
he would have changed his major direction or subjects. Let Kartik confirm
before I write more.

One more thing. Whether it is K.N.Rao or B.V.Raman or Sanjay Rath, we are
only gurus trying our level best to share the knowledge we have and *our*
understanding of Paräsara. Why don't you read BPHS for yourself and see what
the sage has to say about seven chara Käraka scheme. According to Paräçara
and Jaimini the seven chara käraka scheme has Pitrikaraka and Putra käraka
is not there. However K.N.Rao school uses putrakaraka instead of
Pitrikaraka. I am not saying K.N.Rao is wrong or right as God alone knows
who is right. All I am asking yu to do is to read the slokas yourself and
see what Paräçara and Jaimini have to say.

With best wishes and warm regards,
Sanjay Rath
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