Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Saptamsa - D7

Jaya Jagannatha
Dear Rajiv

Death ends a life, not a relationship. [Jack Lemmon]

I am very sorry to hear this. Death is an inevitable event when the wind
stops blowing forever and we no loner feel heat nor cold.

Your chart...

The lagna lord in the fifth house normally indicates that the first child
will die. The fifth lord in 9th Jup is eka-putra yoga and this son brings
luck and fortune and the loss of the son brings bad luck and everything
becomes bad/terrible.
The following duryoga add to the calamity -
1. Mantra pada A5 or the Putra pada is with Mars aspected by Saturn and Rahu
2. The fifth house from karaka Jupiter is also afflicted by Mars, Saturn ad
Rahu (Joy of children shall be denied due to curse)
3. The fifth house frm the Moon has Saturn aspected by Mars (mental shock
due to sime such incident related to children or students)
4. Ketu in D7 Lagna - count reverse; 9th Lord Moon with Mars (male) son.
From Cancer Moon and Mars are in 8th house. This is marana sthana for Moon
(chandrastama) and is very evil also called rudra yoga showing very sudden
death due to fevers (Mars) and heat in the body.

The evils of Saturn aspecting Lagna with Mars in it is a kind of terrible
distress that can make someone socially a recluse. Some Jyotisha texts call
it unmaada yoga and the suffering is very terrible where nothing feels good
and you are totally sorrowful. That this will follow the death of a son is
from the combinations explained above. In the Saptamsa D7 chart, Mars
afflicts the Moon and the Sun and Saturn afflict the second from it.

To my knowledge there is only one remedy for this - worship of the avadhuta
avatara Keep chanting
'Dattatreya Hare Krishna'
and you will find a way. Go to Jagannath Puri with an open heart and pray
for help and you will find the way.

Fast on all Fridays without fail for the well being of your family and that
your son may attain peace and go ahead in the lokas. Offer your share of
food to the needy on Fridays, this is your Upapada... and you will find
peace in the mind.

Business will not suit you unless it is property related. Job is better.

What about another child?

With best wishes and warm regards,
Sanjay Rath

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