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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Tendulkar's world record in Test 2 or 3?

Tendulkar's world record in Test 2 or 3?
By Sri PVR Narasimha Rao

Namaste friends,

I wrote when the second Test at Calcutta between India and Paksitan was just starting:

> However, when I try to shun my bias as a big Tendulkar fan
> and look at it objectively, I tend to think that Tendulkar will
> miss the record in this Test too and achieve it on March
> 25th (i.e. in the 3rd test).

As I wrote, Tendulkar missed the record in the second Test. Tendulkar batted in both the innings and made good scores (half centuries) in both innings, but failed to finish a century and overtake Sunil Gavaskar's world record of 35 Test centuries.

This is one prediction I would've honestly been very very very happy to get wrong!

I was in a hurry when I wrote the above. Now I want to give the rest of the reasoning behind it.

I have already mentioned that annual mahadasa and antardasa of the 9th and 5th lords who have a "subha kartari" on 5th in D-10 of annual chart (TP) are running during March 16-28 and that there is a good chance of success.

Now, the question is: Why did I pick the third test at Bangalore (March 24-28) instead of the second test at Calcutta (March 16-20)? Let me answer that.

I looked at another dasa called "Padanaathaamsa dasa" (available in JHora 7.02). I looked at Padanaathaamsa dasa of D-10. The dasa of Ta runs from March 16 to April 18. As we have seen earlier, Ta is the 5th house in D-10. Its has subha kartari from 9th and 5th lords (Mercury and Venus), whose mahadasa and antardasa run as per annual Tithi Ashtottari dasa. It fits nicely and shows some achievement during March 16-April 18.

Now, to go deeper, use the 3 parts rule. Ta is a prishthodaya rasi. It gives its results in the 3rd one-third. Its lord Venus is in a seershodaya rasi. He will give his results in the first one-third.

So Venus gives his results in the first one-third. We can further sub-divide the one-third into 4 quarters. Being a benefic, Venus gives the results of the house he occupies in the first quarter, the results of the houses owned in the second quarter, the results of his yogas in the third quarter and the results of his avasthas in the last quarter.

Thus, Venus gives the results of the subha kartati yoga he and Mercury have on Ta during the 3rd quarter of the first one-third of the Ta dasa. This comes to March 23-25. The third test is from March 24 to March 28. This was one reason for me to think Sachin will miss the record in the second Test.

I also looked at the daily Tithi Pravesha charts during the second and third Tests. The daily charts during March 16-20 were good but not great. I did not see any of them suggesting a new world record.

But I was impressed by the daily charts of March 24-27. Especially look at the daily chart of March 25. This chart is cast at 9:29 am on March 25. Moon is the hora lord and hence the ruler of the day. In rasi chart, Moon and Jupiter conjoin in the 5th house and there are several raja yogas on the 5th/11th axis.

Gaja-Kesari yoga in the 5th house involving the ruler of the day can show that the day produces some achievement that will be remembered for a while. Thje same Moon (ruler of the day) is exalted in the 5th house in D-10 and takes part in a raja yoga with 9th lord Mercury. Thus, the day can certainly bring some nice achievement.

The chart of 24th too looks good. Mars is the ruler of the day. He owns lagna and is exalted in 10th in rasi. In D-10, he is yoga karaka and occupies his own sign and gives ruchaka yoga. Clearly, March 24 too can be a day of a brave effort.

So, if I have to make an honest prediction based on astrological factors alone, I have to guess that Tendulkar will make his world record 35th Test century on March 24th or 25th (mostly March 25th). That is why I wrote what I wrote earlier. Of course, I was still hoping that my calculations were wrong and that Tendulkar would achieve the record during the second Test itself!!

My prediction that Tendulkar would miss the record during March 16-20 came true. Now it remains to be seen whether my prediction that he will get the record on March 25 comes true! Being a big Tendulkar fan, I sure hope it does.

* * *

The technique of annual Tithi Pravesha charts comes from our tradition and is well-tested for generations. But the technique of daily Tithi Pravesha charts is my extrapolation and my research. It does not work reliably. There are cases where it works brilliantly and cases where it collapses. I don't know why and I am still working on it.

Members of vedic-astrology list may remember my Tendulkar prediction from Dec 2003. Based on the annual TP chart, I predicted that Tendulkar would have a complete reversal of fortune and a big score during Dec 26-Jan 4. While he made only 150+ runs during entire 2003, he made 302 runs (without getting out!) in just the first 4 days of 2004! Thus, my prediction of a reversal of fortune and a big score during that time came true.

However, I predicted the exact days when this big score would come and that part of the prediction went bust. I was wrong. I believe that I have made more progress in my DTPC (daily Tithi Pravesha chakra) researches since then, but still this is a work in progress. So any readings based on daily charts are not reliable. But the readings given above based on the annual chart should be good.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,
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