Agni Mantra

Agni Mantra

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Mandi Calculations

Jaya Jagannatha
Dear Mike

Saturn is the planet that symbolises our sins and causes rebirth (perhaps that's why Saturn get digbala or directional strength in 7th house - none other does. this is the house of our desires - kaama). So Saturn is intricately linked to rebirth and is the key planet used for calculating the adhana i.e. conception charts. Mandi and Gulika are the children of Saturn and all chidren of planets are related to the significations of the planet. Mandi and Gulika symbolise the poison we gave to others and that we receive from others - its a two way traffic. You will find this two way traffic in all walks of life including this list where people are always trying to *out do* others in a competitive dog eat dog world.

Most westerners cannot understand this thing about India as to why do our people *bite* each other in public. Its not the fault of the people but that of an intense system of competition that as been created after *independance* due to the position of diabolical Rahu in the ascendant of India aspecting the 5th house (Indian population/public) and 7th house (foreign relations) and 9th house (policy). Reforms have started and while the government has reformed itself considerably with red tape gone etc, the people of India have yet to reform. you can see this in this list and many other forum. The exchanges are very *Mandi-Gulika* type where one Indian throws poison on another which is a *Mandi* generated action and then somewhere in this universe the karma has to rebound, and this rebound is *Gulika* Gulika is the same as Mandi but is inward or towards the native while Gulika is outward.

Many people say that they are the same, to which I say yes they are in nature but Prabhupada and other saints have emphasied on this rebound of karma which explains the Mandi-Gulika syndrome and the fact that although they are similar, they are different in action.

Now it is clear that *Mandi* alone represents the bad karma *we do (our action)* towards others. So we are to be reborn to face this karma and hence Mandi plays a significant role in our re-incarnation.

I hope someone can give Prabhupada's tale of the widow's of Vrindavan.

If there is one common thread we find in all great saints be it Jesus, Buddha or Shankara, it is just one tale 'get out of this Mandi-Gulika syndrome' by forgiving, forgetting and forging ahead'. The only answer to all the Gulika we get in life is AHIMSA. Hope this helps Mike.

With best wishes and warm regards,
Sanjay Rath
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